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If you're reading this article, there is a very high chance that you are a crypto enthusiast - or at least have heard a lot of stories about how someone invested their money in crypto and are now enjoying their life as a millionaire. These stories are very compelling and if you're someone who is eager to grow their money, you may be thinking of doing the same. Cryptocurrency has been around for many years, but the number of investors clamouring for it has been on the rise recently. But, investing in crypto isn't exactly for the faint of heart. The crypto market is very volatile, and all it takes is a smallest dose of bad news for a coin to plummet.

Crypto is risky - and the future is largely dependent on whether the cryptocurrency becomes widely available for various purposes. If that doesn't happen, the digital coins could become worth absolutely nothing in the long run. Well, the good news is that's exactly what René Louis Delrieux wants to do - make crypto available for everyone. Who is he, you ask? Personally, he is the Lead Investment Product Manager at comdirect, an online broker of Commerzbank. With more than 15 years' worth of experience in the financial technologies field, and as a co-founder of several financial and technology companies, he has gained a good reputation within his field and the trade press.  This is why you will often find his statements and opinions on the financial market in the trade press or in panel discussions around the globe. Accordingly, you become aware when an expert like Rene is actively dedicated to the development of digital solutions in the field of cryptocurrencies in connection with traditional banking.

Cryptocurrencies are young and unregulated assets, and customers with a normal trading account with traditional banks cannot trade in them. They have to go through long and hectic process of registering themselves with platforms that allow buying and storing crypto on their wallets and even after that, the risk of these exchanges getting hacked or being a scam remains real. To solve this issue, asset managers around the globe have launched Crypto Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), that derive their value from underlying financial instruments. Rene has been working with stakeholders at the online broker to develop a solution that will allow bank customers to enter the crypto market without any unnecessary hassle. The online broker itself offers almost all the securities listed on German stock exchanges, so automatically all the crypto ETPs as well.

René's most recent achievement is the Crypto ETPs as a comission free savings plan. He noticed that many of the online broker's customers were from average households, who were realistic and wanted to have a stable strategy before investing their life savings in digital coins. While comdirect offers all the Crypto ETPs via a one-time order, they didn't offer crypto ETPs savings plan. René took a step further and partnered with the largest crypto ETP provider - 21Shares, only so he could offer attractive and economical Crypto ETP plans. The wide variety of ETPs and the fact that it is possible to invest without order fees make this Crypto ETP savings plan the first of its kind in the European banking world and has allowed many clients to save money, starting from 25 € per month. Rene sees his invention not so much as an attempt to differentiate himself from other banks, but rather as a way to inspire other competitors to follow suit and offer customers a simple and cost-effective alternative to invest into the market.

Crypto market is becoming safer and more accessible - Thanks to people like René Louis Delrieux whose research has resulted in much-needed regulated financial solutions for current and potential crypto investors. One thing that separates him from other crypto experts is his customer-centric mindset blended with banking background. Crypto market is heavily regulated, and therefore René sees it through the eyes of a very careful investor. Going forward, he plans on continuing his research on what qualities customers look for in crypto, and expand the crypto ETP offering accordingly. Happy Investing!

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