Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker is now up for grabs for a limited time. For those who want to purchase this smart home accessory, you can enjoy it for a 30% discount.

Since the pandemic started, people have been forced to stay inside of their houses.

To make living much lighter amid health crises, people can use smart devices to seek entertainment. In some cases, they use it to establish a stronger connection with other people even though they are remote from one another.

For someone interested in buying the second-generation Nest speaker, here is why you should not let this flash sale pass.

Google Nest Mini Speaker Now Sale At a Slashed Price 

Google Nest Mini Speaker is Now On Sale For 30% Discount--Here's Why You Should Buy it
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Google Nest Mini Speaker is now 30% off.

Having something that could ease our boredom during these times is very important. For someone who is detached from physical interaction, the smart gadgets can be our friends temporarily.

Google's advanced Nest Mini speaker is now 30% off, which means that you could get it for only $34.99, the New York Post reported.

Somehow, this device would help the individuals cope up with the new normal. Keeping in touch with modern technology is a good way to pass time and foster ties with other people.

Since this is Google's product, expect that users could fully utilize its Google Assistant for a cheaper price. Originally, the Google Nest Mini speaker was priced at $49. You can save some money for this purchase while linking it to the internet to enjoy its features.

Why Should You Purchase Google Nest Mini Right Now?

According to a report by The Hill on Saturday, Aug. 21, the Google Nest Mini speaker will allow the users to stream music.

Besides songs, they could also listen to podcasts and even reports.

It's interesting to discover that this smart speaker also features strong bass aside from its compatibility with Google assistant. Even though it is small, this Nest Mini speaker is enough to provide you with entertainment even within a small room.

Many smart speakers out there might produce good audio, yet they still could not allow a full voice command from the users. Google Nest Mini speaker sports a hands-free feature that users would love.

Without interacting with the device, the Google Assistant can permit people to hold conversations as well as utilize apps from the iOS and Android platforms.

You can also connect it to Bluetooth to play songs from your phone.

If you can't recall the name of the song that you recently heard, the Google Assistant will do its job to search it for you through its service. By saying the lyrics that you can remember, searching for it will be an easy task.

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Google Nest Mini vs Other Google Speakers

There was a previous comparison between the two Google smart speakers. While they shared the same original price at $49, they also both have Google Assistant support.

Moreover, they also feature the same size and materials. However, the Nest Mini speaker is made up of recycled materials.

If you are torn about what to choose between the two, go for the revamped Google Nest Mini since it is an improved Google Home Mini.

Although there's no harm in favoring a traditional version, the newest version has more advanced features compared to its predecessor.

Meanwhile, another gadget comparison was made between the Nest Mini and the Nest Audio. The final verdict decided that the Audio speaker was the better device compared to the Nest Mini.

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