Tesla Bot is one humanoid looking robot, which is set to launch next year, and Elon Musk has revealed this recently. The device has bordered on its functionality to replace humans in doing tasks that the CEO described as "boring, dangerous, and repetitive," which people do not like to do or avoid accomplishing.

Tesla has been one of the massive talks of the past week, one because its stocks were down by seven percent and people have been in awe of what has happened. The other one is because it recently launched the one-of-a-kind "Tesla Bot," known to be of humanoid designs.

Tesla Bot to Launch in 2022

The Tesla Bot is one peculiar-looking robot, and it is because of its humanoid design that does not take on a face or image of a human being, only its shape. However, it was designed that specific way because Tesla and its CEO's plans for it is to replace humans in doing their everyday work.

What the Tesla Bot offers is a systematic approach to robotics, and it is not seen before in other ventures within of scientific world. Moreover, Tesla would design the AI or artificial intelligence which would power the robot and direct its every task and function, while continuously learning.

According to Reuters, it was revealed by Musk that it would be launched in 2022 via the "AI Day" showcase which has been live-streamed for people to feast on the new venture.

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Elon Musk Reveals the Tesla Bot

Elon Musk and the Tesla Bot
(Photo : Tesla via YouTube Screenshot)

It might be so that the Tesla Bot has been a secret project by Tesla over the past years. This is because the main focus of the company was its electric vehicle venture, full-self driving, neural network AI, and other features of Tesla.

Last August 21, Musk has answered a lot of questions about the Tesla Bot, and he said that it does not necessarily align itself with Tesla's mission of a sustainable future. However, what it does implicate is that "the future is good," meaning that Tesla Bot would be more of what it looks like.

Musk also hopes that it can be used for future Mars missions, where it could be the manpower, without the risks of endangering human lives.

Tesla Bot to Revolutionize Robotics?

What Tesla brought is a new image of robotics, and it does not try hard to replicate the image of a person, and does not look like a robot as well. As a humanoid, it presents elements of a robot and person, without completely ripping off its looks.

Another known humanoid with an AI installed within it is Marvel Comic's vision, and the Tesla Bot somehow resembles the superhero, without the fictional Infinity Stone and its powers.

The Tesla Bot's actual release in 2022 would show the future of Tesla and its venture into robotics, along with an increased presence of AI-powered machines.

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