Xiaomi to End 'Mi' Brand After Over a Decade | Xiaomi Mix 4 to Launch Soon
(Photo : Image from Commons.Wikipedia.com) Xiaomi to End 'Mi' Brand After Over a Decade | Xiaomi Mix 4 to Launch Soon

Xiaomi is putting an end to its "Mi" branding after over a decade of being in the spotlight! The company is now launching the Xiaomi Mix 4 soon!

Xiaomi Drops 'Mi' Branding

According to AndroidCentral, Xiaomi is finally dropping its long-time popular "Mi" branding. The move was reportedly signaled by the recent launch of the company's new product, the "Xiaomi Mix 4" and will apply to other future launches. 

Xiaomi products have reportedly been using the "Mi" branding for over a decade! The top smartphone brand has decided to make a major change and it's not just a change in logo shape but rather Xiaomi is deciding to shift its production away from its popular "Mi" branding which the company is extremely popular for.

Xiaomi 11T

XDA-Developers notes that this particular change started with the more recently announced Xiaomi Mix 4, and will finally continue with its future releases. Android Central reportedly tried to reach out to Xiaomi to learn more details regarding the name change.

A representative reportedly told XDA that it would most likely apply to other upcoming products like the supposedly rumored Mi 11T, which is going to be called the Xiaomi 11T. Xiaomi even reportedly used the "Mi" brand for just about every single one of its products until now.

Xiaomi Beats Samsung

Even with a cursory glance at Xiaomi's official US website, viewers can see that the "Mi" name is just about everywhere. This includes even the logo which was just recently redesigned. Xiaomi has even been able to beat Samsung by a whopping 700,000 deliveries more. 

The move comes just a little after Xiaomi was able to gain the crown as the largest smartphone OEM in the whole world, even successfully overtaking Samsung for the very first time. While the company still does not have much of a presence in the United States, Xiaomi has been able to manage to capture a larger part of the global market.

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Xiaomi Mid-Range High-Value Smartphones

The company is popular for its mid-range, high-value smartphones just like its flagship devices including the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Retiring the popular "Mi" brand comes 10 years after the initial Xiaomi Mi 1 was officially released, which itself launched just a year after MIUI which officially marked the end of an era for the smartphone company.

XDA notes, however, that the company already sells its smartphones in China so the move works to help the company unify its products. As of the moment, however, it is still a bit unclear as to how exactly the move will affect its popular branding.

As of the moment, given Xiaomi's growing popularity, dropping the "Mi" brand could help the company grow more into a household name in a number of regions. This would be especially true in the United States where different devices just like the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 are available to take on even some of the best fitness trackers in the market.

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