Xiaomi Beats Samsung in Europe with 700K More Shipments and a Massive 67.1% YoY Growth
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Xiaomi Beats Samsung in Europe with 700K More Shipments and a Massive 67.1% YoY Growth

Xiaomi has finally beaten Samsung in Europe, shipping out 700,000 more than Samsung! Xiaomi has achieved a year-over-year growth of +67.1% while Samsung dropped by -7.0%.

Xiaomi Dethroning Huawei?

According to SlashGear, the past 18 months have definitely thrown the whole smartphone market royalty directly into disarray. It was also no surprise that Huawei turned up dethroned from its much coveted spot but getting kicked out of the world's Top 5 was still pretty painful.

Samsung now barely maintains its title as a lead in the global market after it has decreased shipments. Apple, on the other hand, still remains stable against all odds. Amidst the whole reshuffling, Xiaomi is now emerging as quite a strong contender being able to surpass even Samsung last quarter in Europe.

Xiaomi, OPPO, and Huawei

Competition has always been a rat race when it came between smartphone makers, especially in the massively filled Android market. Recent changes, however, have shifted who's who and who is shaking things up a little bit. The Xiaomi Mi 11 has been one of the most awaited phones with specs to challenge the market.

With the exit of Huawei in a number of listings, the opportunity for yet other Chinese brands like Xiaomi and OPPO to be able to take over have never been greater. The latest data coming from Europe clearly shows that Xiaomi definitely took advantage of the whole situation.

Xiaomi Q2, 2021 Performance

Strategy Analytics noted that Xiaomi was able to ship a whopping 12.7 million smartphones in Q2 of 2021 and was up by 67.1% YoY. The company has narrowly beat Samsung which shipped just 12 million units. The Korea brand also lost shares in comparison. Despite a significant 15.7% year-on-year growth, Apple was still pushed back to third place.

The biggest growers, as seen on the report, were OPPO and Realme. Despite just having low shipment volumes, they were still able to grab a spot at the top 5. OPPO was only able to ship out 2.8 million but still attained an incredible 180% growth. As expected, Huawei is no longer on the list. However, neither is Vivo.

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Apple and Samsung

Although these might only be numbers, it still reflects quite a significant change when it comes to market trends, at least in Europe. Consumers are reportedly gravitating away from the likes of Apple and Samsung in order to get their smartphone fix. This is especially true with new and affordable 5G devices.

More importantly, brands like OPPO or Xiaomi have also started to be seen by smartphone buyers more and more over the recent years. Both Xiaomi and OPPO are now providing enough threat to other longtime market leaders coming from different regions of the world. Q2 2021 numbers officially show Samsung and Xiaomi beating Apple which is something that might not have been expected years back.

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