Google Chrome Tab Groups Live on Canary for Desktop | Hiccup Spotted
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Google Chrome Tab Groups Live on Canary for Desktop | Hiccup Spotted

It seems like the new Google Chrome tab groups are finally live for desktop. Although the feature might not be available for everyone as of the moment, it seems like it's hit a little hiccup as well.

Google Chrome Tab Groups

According to AndroidPolice, the new Chrome Tab Groups feature is reportedly a good way for users to be able to organize different work tabs all needed to function at the same time. For those that like to let their tabs multiply fast, this feature could be really helpful.

While the Google Tab Groups can be renamed, collapsed, expanded, and even marked with whatever color that could help make everything visually more recognizable, none of those changes will actually stay with the user until a new browser session. Up until today, that is, a brand new flag option in the latest Chrome Canary version would allow users to simply save whatever tab groups they might want to save.

Flags Menu in Chrome Canary

The feature is currently live in the Flags menu in Chrome Canary and was reportedly spotted by Techdows. The feature, however, still isn't fully operational as of the moment and so is the nature of the pre-release software.

Users can still assign a group to be saved through the right-click menu, and also bring back the recently-closed tabs in the group from the users' recent history. The groups are reportedly not too "sticky" which means that they won't really remain in place after the user closes the browser and re-opens it again.

Google Tab Groups Google Update

There will reportedly be no way for users to also quickly reload all of the tabs in the groups as well. As of the moment, this could imply that Google is still currently working on at least some sort of functionality. Google Tab Groups was regarded as the best update Google Chrome has had in quite a while.

In order to check out the new feature, users should head out to Canary which is currently on version 95 and simply head to chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save. Users can then simply set the feature to "enabled" then simply restart the browser. Although this isn't a full guarantee as of the moment, the feature is currently still moving towards offering a better experience for its users.

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Google Support

As of the moment, Google support has released a guide that helps users group their tabs together in order to make them easily accessible and even more easily visible. In the Chrome browser, users can easily create a tab group or even add to another existing tab group.

Users also have the control to arrange their own tabs and also pin the ones that they visit most frequently. The new Google Tab Groups aims to help users save time from having to open up tabs one by one. The Windows 11 update received mixed reactions after removing certain key features which users have been fond of.

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