TikTok has a new trend called "Proffee" and no, it is not "professional coffee," rather protein shake powder that has been added to coffee. The main goal of these influencers is to highlight that their morning's daily dose of caffeine can be improved by substituting creamers with a protein shake.

However, this remains a myth and needs to be looked further into. Particularly because a body only needs a certain amount of protein to build muscles daily, and the excess would need to be used as energy or stored as fat.

TikTok's Proffee Trend

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TikTok user @_katied_94 has been one of the most prominent "Proffee" trendsetters on the social networking platform, and she has a lot of inputs with regards to mixing coffee with protein. Searching #Proffee on TikTok would show a user a lot of videos regarding this trend.

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Some use protein shake powder, and some mixes tetra pack or ready-made protein shake with their espresso shots and cold brew.

Several other users have also engaged in the Proffee trend, and they have been adding this to their morning routine of drinking coffee, especially as it also adds the needed kick to start their day.

Trends have a way of inviting people to try it out, and the videos of those tagged with #proffee have gotten quite a lot of attention, reaching thousands on their videos where they mix proteins with their coffees.

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Protein Shakes and the Body

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According to Everyday Health, Protein Shakes or protein in particular only requires a specific amount for the daily intake of a person, and having more of what is the need may be excessive. All things should be taken in moderation, and having a little too much of others may be harmful to the body or present risks.

While it is healthy to have protein intake, only a certain amount is needed or recommended for a person's daily requirement.

Additionally, research published in the Journal of Nutrition discovered that proteins that have been eaten throughout the day, spread through the three meals generate more muscle synthesis for the body. This is compared to those who would only eat protein at a specific time of the day, particularly at the night.

TikTok Proffee Trend: Debunked

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A lot of people have been coffee connoisseurs these days, as the pandemic has pushed them to buy their coffee or espresso machines. Pair that with protein shake users, and you get proffee.

And while it may be an enlightening thought that morning coffee paired with protein is the best way to start the day, it is still best to consume protein throughout the day and have it distributed evenly.

If the goal is to build large muscle mass for a person, then having it distributed is the best way; but if the goal is to have a certain coffee requirement for the body, then a shot with proffee may be used by a person.

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