"League of Legends" World Championship 2021 is an end-of-year tournament that millions of fans around the world attend. It is known as the biggest eSports in the world.

The organizers announced that it had been moved from its original venue in China to an undisclosed location in Europe. The move was made just a few weeks before the competition was set to happen.

League of Legends World Championship Moved

John Needham, the global head of esports at Riot Games, posted a video about the decision and stated that the COVID protocols and travel restrictions are the reasons why it was impossible to hold the gaming event in China. Upcomer reported the decision of Riot Games.

Needham stated that after the company considered all of the potential options, they've concluded that moving the gaming event to Europe provided the best opportunity for the participating team to compete, according to InvenGlobal.

Needham also stated that they are not ready to announce where in Europe the game will be held this year, but the key deciding factor of the company is the accessibility for the teams and players.

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The "League of Legends" tournament is the second major gaming event in Europe this year, following May's Mid-Season Invitational held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The "League of Legends" event is a massive annual showcase for Riot Games, with past events including an opening ceremony involving holograms and a mixed reality stage. It is not clear if the location change will affect the iteration of the gaming event in 2022, which is scheduled to be held in North America.

The tournament was announced right after "League of Legends" Patch 11.11 was launched. 

Dota 2's The International New Venue

"League of Legends" championship is not the only eSports event to have been moved this year. Anoter eSports event that had been moved is "Dota 2" The International-- it will begin in October. Because of restrictions, the original plan was set to happen in Stockholm, Sweden, but it was eventually moved to Bucharest, Romania.

The announcement was made by Valve in June. The event will be hosted in Bucharest's Arena National, and it will start on Oct. 7, with the Group Stage running through Oct. 10.

The Main Stage events will begin on Oct. 12, and the final match will take place on Oct. 17. The players will be competing for a $40 million cash prize.

The massive prize does not come as a surprise as the gaming event is known for giving millions to the winning player, with Johan Sundstein being named as the highest-paid eSport World Championship player. 

Tickets for the event are not on sale yet, but Valve stated that they would announce it anytime soon.

The event marks The International's return after its cancellation in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Another esports event that will be held this year is the "Call of Duty" League. It will be an in-person event at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, California, will take place starting Aug. 19, according to Engadget. 

According to Dot Esports, the official roster has been finalized. Seattle Surged kicked off the roster as it has decided to rebuild its team. The franchise released Gunless, Classic, Octane, Prestinni, Loony, and Nubzy on Aug. 20.

Fans who want to attend the gaming event can get a ticket for $59. People are also asked to wear a mask during the event and present proof of vaccination.

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