Apple Achieves 100% Renewable Energy in Retail Stores, Offices, Data Centers, and Co-located Facilities in 43 Countries
(Photo : Image from Apple Achieves 100% Renewable Energy in Retail Stores, Offices, Data Centers, and Co-located Facilities in 43 Countries

Apple has finally achieved its 100% renewable energy plans for the company's retail stores, data centers, offices, and co-located facilities stretched across 43 countries. All of Apple's facilities stretched around the world reportedly run on 100% clean energy.

Apple Renewable Energy

According to an Apple press release, the company noted that nine more of Apple's manufacturing partners have finally committed to powering all of their Apple production through the use of renewable energy. This brings the number of supplier commitments up to 23.

Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that after long years of hard work, they are finally proud to have been able to reach this "significant milestone." Tim Cook noted that the company is going to keep pushing the boundaries of what is actually possible with the materials that are currently in their products, the way that the company recycles them, their facilities, and even their work with suppliers in order to help establish a new creative as well as forward-looking sources of renewable energy.

Tim Cook on Apple's Green Initiative

Tim Cook also mentioned that the company is doing this because they know that the "future depends on it." Apple has already focused for years on being able to make its products and its operations more environmentally friendly and the company has also long said that they have aimed to run its operations entirely on the basis of renewable energy.

The company noted back in its 2017 environmental responsibility report that it was able to power 96% of its operations across the world with 100% renewable energy like hydro, solar, and wind power. In the 24 countries that the company operates in, Apple had been able to reach 100% renewable energy and nearly 100% of the paper that was used in product packaging came from recycled or even "responsibly managed resources."

Apple Park in Cupertino, California

As of 2014, all of Apple's different data centers have been powered through the use of clean energy. The company noted that since 2011, its renewable energy products have been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions coming from its facilities worldwide by a whopping 54%.

Apple's new headquarters, which is located in Apple Park in Cupertino, California, reportedly runs on renewable energy. This includes a massive 17-megawatt rooftop solar panel project as well as four megawatts of biogas fuel cells. Apple even has a solar island in Japan to help the country move a step closer towards renewable energy.

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Apple Renewable Energy Projects

Along with the official new campus, Apple also has 25 different renewable energy projects that are in operation all around the world which are capable of generating 626 megawatts of capacity. It noted that 286 megawatts of the company's solar PV generation actually came online last year. Back in 2017, Apple promised to make its iPhones and other materials with recyclable materials.

Apple already has over 15 projects in construction. Once the company is finally finished, Apple will have 1.4 gigawatts of clean renewable energy that would be generated across 11 countries. As for the suppliers, Apple noted that the use of clean energy helped them prevent a whopping 1.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gases from being emitted back in 2017.

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