Kash Amini
(Photo : Kash Amini)

We caught up with Kash Amini, CEO of Maslife, the pioneering financial app designed to align spending habits with mental wellness.

How were you as a kid?

My childhood was a mixture of ups and downs. Overall, I had a good upbringing quickly learning that it is down to you, through hard work and discipline, to get to where you want to be. I started to get interested in technology when I was around 12. It fascinated me when Ilook around at the advancements and how they transform society, everything from smoke detectors to mobile phones to the rise of Google and its dominance. Understanding technology made sense to me, learning to code and what it could do. Eventually, I got to the point where I started to hack all the computers of my school and colleges for fun. Other students thought it was amazing, my teachers however thought that I was wasting my talent and as a result I got expelled from various schools and educational institutions. I also grew up with a great interest in sports and entertainment, especially basketball. I started it at the mere age of 11 and found myself to be lucky enough to eventually play on a professional level. This intensive game required a lot of qualities therefore, it taught me to work hard, focus and discipline as well as teamwork. I bagged on to the NBA with my sports career and was awarded a scholarship from New York. Its fair to say that I have hardcore striving personality and become obsessive with about my aims and targets. This personality trait combined with positive daily habits is something that has allowed me to become the person I am today.

Is there a story behind your journey to Maslife?

Absolutely, I believe passion and interest take you to great heights. Therefore, I believe my inclination towards technology, programming, and sports helped shape my goals and ambitions. I decided to pursue entrepreneurship and planned to sell software online, and later in the years, it hit me that I want to help others grow too. However, in order to get there, I worked in various roles in investments and trading industries to building my first company. Crypto and blockchain became a growing area of interest and I built the trading platform Batrix which was sold five years ago. The years of stress and pressure dedicating myself to business success (with the ups and downs of building companies), was compounded by my passionate personality. Add in the high-end lifestyle that comes along with that success, it finally took its toll. I essentially burned out and fell into a state of tiredness and depression and general bad health. It took some time to recognise this, but I did eventually come to the conclusion that good health is non-negotiable. So, I tried mindful meditation and invested 4 years in self-development. It dragged my lifestyle onto the right track, and I started to see what was important to me. Things that I once thought were important have become less so. A healthy state of mind, body and lifestyle now fulfils me with clarity and peace. Now that I feel refuelled, I've turned back to continue my work with more energy and enthusiasm, bringing with it what I have learned on my personal journey, and that's why I created Maslife.  

Can you explain briefly about Maslife?

Maslife is an AI fintech platform and a superapp that has different options for financial tools and provides life-changing goals to ensure a customer's good health and help them manage their wealth. This technology is growing faster as it provides freedom to mood-tag a customer's spending. The Maslife app responsibly notifies any happenings in the user ID like when they are over budget or when they get some points for spending, meditating, and exercising. So, the app encourages users towards a better life without letting them procrastinate by gifting rewards and points according to their performance. The importance of starting this idea was to help people have a better life with a healthy lifestyle and healthy financial condition.

Maslife provides extremely trusted, secure, and privatized options to establish economic freedom with a healthy and mindful mindset. The reason for such advanced security is because it is fully equipped with functions licensed by Mastercard that includes accounts with multiple currencies and one can have local, international transfers with any fee for currency exchange. I and my Team are working hard to perfect the customer experience and make a real change in people's lives.

Do you think the lockdown has in any way affected Maslife?

Spending behavior can affect mental health and during this difficult time, people need a dopamine boost no matter the source, and the spending nature of individuals triggers the release of Dopamine. Maslife is a need of the hour at such high times as it offers aid to the customers in the right direction so that they can achieve both their mental and financial goals.    

What are your future plans for Maslife?

With financial advancement, people suffer from poor health and headspace. Maslife's concept is unique and this AI platform, with good functions, has global ambitions to reach the maximum number of potential customers across the globe and extend support to them financially, physically, and mentally.

Maslife recently raised £5 million in funds and with the help of this, we will add to our family 50 more staff. It's no secret that professional and diligent manpower is much needed for a business to grow and we are keen to establish offices in Munich, Marbella, and Monaco because we want to operate in the whole of Europe. We are hoping to change and transform many individuals' lives for the better. That is why we want to reach every corner of the globe.

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