Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta 10 is coming says Elon Musk, but it would be out in September, as the CEO said that it would release a week from this Friday. The founder and CEO also revealed details about its public beta button, which would be coming in less than four weeks, or a month from now.

The recent, massive release of the clean energy company is with its Tesla Bot, a.k.a. the humanoid robot which shocked the world of its existence, paired with the company's best AI yet.

Tesla FSD Beta 10 Release Date

Tesla FSD Vector Renders
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Elon Musk is yet again asked via Twitter, about the release date of the FSD Beta 10, which is the latest version of the autonomous driving system of Tesla. This technology was only released last year and is still not available for a public release as the FSD remains a beta for selected users.

The fan asked the CEO about an update for the FSD Beta, to which the billionaire said that it would be coming in the next week from this Friday, August 27.

Musk and Tesla have decided that the FSD is not yet ready for a wide public release, hence the limited or selected availability of the self-driving feature. Moreover, it would soon release 10 major versions of the feature, but the technology of the company is still under works and modifications in Tesla's labs.

The CEO has not revealed any details about the latest update from the company, particularly with Beta 10, which is the latest feature that would be available to the users.

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Tesla FSD Public Beta Button

FSD Beta 9
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FSD V9 will adopt Pure Vision Approach for Tesla EVs.

However, what Musk talked about is the coming of the Public Beta Button, which is the wide release to everyone that has a Tesla, and is adept to update for the FSD feature. These people are those that bought the FSD package already, despite the feature not being released by the EV company.

The FSD Beta 10 and the public beta button would both receive the "retrained NN" or neural network, which is Tesla's take on the vehicle's artificial intelligence. This feature calculates and predicts what to do on the road when driving for the vehicle owner.

As the process is very complicated, the CEO said that it might take around four weeks or a month to deliver the public beta button, to everyone eligible to receive it.

FSD Beta 10.1 Teaser

Musk initially teased both FSD Beta 10 and 10.1 to the public, and this joins that of the release of Beta 9.2, something which has disappointed most users. The 9.2 has failed to deliver what it promises, hence the retraining of the NN, but Tesla would answer that with the upcoming release of Beta 10.

The Beta 10 would use the so-called "pure vision" which needs the best of Tesla's AI and software and has set the company back for its release. This would bring the most advanced version of the FSD yet.

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