Apple's App Store lawsuit is done, and it found the Cupertino giant losing the case against developers, granting them the ability to contact users directly, and allow a third-party payment method for all. This is on top of Apple paying $100 million of settlement to those affected by the rules and regulations of the Cupertino company. 

Sounds familiar? Somehow, because this was something that Epic Games has fought for in last year's dispute which ultimately led to the ban of "Fortnite" on mobile platforms. Additionally, the third-party payment method is something that the game developer has offered for its users before it got flagged. 

Apple App Store Lawsuit: $100 Million Settlement

Apple App Store Lawsuit
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The Apple App Store Lawsuit that was pushed by developers of different applications has finally reached its verdict, and it is not in favor of the Cupertino giant's regulation of its store. Apple regarded that it is agreeing to settle $100 million to those that pushed forth with the lawsuit, regarding its platform. 

Apple explains that the aftermath of the lawsuit would focus more on "maintaining a great experience" for users, as well as supporting all businesses that use the App Store's services. 

The $100 million settlement would help those who have been affected by the issues they have with Apple, especially with regards to its distribution. 

Additionally, there would be a different $100 million "fund" which Apple would set up for its small businesses and developers for further assistance from the Big Tech. 

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Apple has also set up new parameters for App Store commissions to different types of businesses. Businesses earning $1 million and below annually would only need to pay 15 percent. This is half the commission required for standard ones, which would earn more than $1 million with a 30 percent stake for Apple. 

Apple App Store Developers: Can Contact Users Directly

Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Cards
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The lawsuit's terms would help in opening up external communication methods from developers to users with the likes of email, regarding concerns they have instead of going under Apple's App Store. 

Here they can communicate well with the users and offer promotional items which they can also purchase directly outside the App Store. 

According to MacRumors, the lawsuit has made Apple focus on giving developers and businesses a better platform that everyone can use, developers and customers alike. Having the opportunity to contact uses directly and offer different kinds of promotional items and engagement, would help their ventures. 

Third-Party Payment Method for Apple Apps

Lastly, the most important highlight of the Apple App Store lawsuit would be the availability for the developers to push for third-party payment methods, outside the App Store. However, they are still subject to the commission fees for Apple, for either the 70-30 or 85-15 percent from revenues. 

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