Apple's iCloud Private Relay would not be released as a full version, rather as a beta release which would be available by the time the iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 releases. There is a particular reason why the Cupertino giant would do this, and it is a way to help them determine their products and further steps for it, once it releases. 

The iOS 15 is quickly shaping up to be the next-generation iPhone software for all Apple devices, especially as it has been parading its features with the beta release it has for users. This only shows that it would bring the latest smartphone from Apple, which is the iPhone 13, to have all the speculated specs and features it would bring. 

Apple iCloud Private Relay Beta Release

iCloud Private Relay
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As revealed by Apple via its iOS 15 Beta 7 Release Notes, the iCloud Private Relay would be available to users as a beta version, even though the latest iOS would release as a full program. It was known that the iOS 15 would be available by Fall, a one-year gap from the iOS 14 release, completing the full circle. 

However, that could still change as Apple is known to have a few surprises up its sleeves. Having said this, the release of the latest feature of iCloud Private Relay would bring new features for the iOS user, and it has a lot to do with security and protecting one's data. 

The iOS 15 public beta users can now access the said privacy feature, which they can turn on or off, based on their preferences. The beta would provide Apple with the right information on what to do with the feature's actual development, as it is still something that the company aims to improve and develop. 

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What is iCloud Private Relay?

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According to Mac Rumors, the iCloud Private Relay is a service that brings two separate internet relays, where one is dedicated for Safari, and the other is for an encrypted service. The service would ensure that no data would be used by Safari on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac, having a separate relay for the user's private information. 

It is important for people to feel safe and secure with their data, and this is what Apple aims to bring with the iCloud Private Relay. 

Not only would Apple be restricted to have stakes over private information like IP address, browsing activity, and data, as well as location, but also other app developers that have their services installed on one's device. 

iCloud Private Relay vs. Safari Private Incognito

Safari's private browsing feature or the one popularly referred to as "incognito" would be different from the iCloud Private Relay. There are plenty of reasons, but the primary one is that Safari's Private Browsing would only work for the web browser, while the private relay would work for the entire device.

Think of the iCloud Private Relay as the "Incognito" for the entire iPhone, hiding its data from everyone except the owner. 

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