Precision Oncology would soon integrate EHR or electronic health records for genomic information to be utilized, bringing a better approach to detecting diseases and cancers. The technology was thanks to the collaboration of Foundation Medicine and Epic, bringing the new technology for health and elevating it to new heights.

A lot of advances to health technology have been appearing and bringing people their needs, and some are accessible to home settings, like VR for mental health. Other includes that helping the current health crisis, as people struggle to deal with the menacing effects of COVID-19.

Foundation Medicine, Epic Bring EHR to Oncology

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According to HealthCareIT News, Foundation Medicine and Epic made a collaboration which is now looking into bringing EHR into health systems for better integration into detecting diseases. The company is focusing on genomics as one of its primary resources in looking into a person's body, in hopes of determining a problem. 

The world of health has been evolving into the current technology, which is now expanding into a better view and knowledge of the human body. Genomic Profiling would help in better understanding what is going on, in a person's body, and help in further detecting what is needed to be done with regards to detection. 

The systems would determine molecular alterations within a body, and it would help know which caused cancer to spread or if it is worsening. This would help better understand which steps to take further, and what treatments to use or appropriate clinical trials.

Disease Detection and Better Integration 

The collaboration of Foundation and Epic has the potential to bring a better chance to detect and better understand a patient's case, with regards to cancer and other diseases that come with it. Oncologists may be up to date with technology, but each case is unique and can prove to be a handful when trying to study or detect. 

With this, comes a lot of innovations that focus on cancer, as it is one of the most grievous diseases in the world that is known to have claimed lives. Cancer is hard to track disease, and it has proven to be a challenge for most medical experts, despite their expertise in certain areas or problems. 

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Precision Oncology

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According to Nature, Precision Oncology is a way which doctors use to treat cancer and better understand it using different technology available to man. It also focuses on molecular treatments that focus on the characteristics of an individual's tumor, having the chance to target it and properly address it. 

However, Nature said that there is a wider impact brought by precision technology, and it is something that may help in further understanding the cancer cells. The cancer genome leaves a certain trace or identity, making it something for oncologists to focus on. 

The integration of EHRs into health systems can potentially widen the reach of what the medical community focuses on treating.

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