Apple Watch Series 6
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The new Apple Watch Series 6 now becomes the most popular smartwatch model due to the sleek design as well as health and fitness apps. With the Apple Watch having 100 million users, the Apple Watch Series 6 is now considered one of the most popular smartwatches in the industry.

Apple Watch Series 6

According to AppleInsider, led by the popular Apple Watch Series 6, the company now continued to dominate the world's popular smartphone market during the second quarter 2021. This happened as sector shipments finally climbed back to pre-pandemic levels according to the new given estimates.

Apple led the popular smartwatch sector on Apple Watch shipments of a massive 9.5 million units during the period that ended in June. This is a 46% increase compared to the same time last year, according to the estimates of Strategy Analytics.

Apple Global Market Share

The tech giant accounts for a massive 52.5% of the whole global market which is down slightly from 52.8% back in 2020. Executive director at Strategy Analytics Neil Mawson noted that Apple still owns a massive half of the market and is finally keeping rivals at bay.

Mawson noted that the new Apple Watch Series 6 today is by far the whole world's most popular smartwatch model. This is due to its popular blend of sleek design, the device's quite interestingly good usability on the small screen, and a growing portfolio of popular health and fitness apps.

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Samsung Smartphone Sales

Samsung's sales also grew by a massive 54% to the finish of the quarter at about two million units shipped out. The company was able to capture a massive 11% of the market which is up from the previous 10.6% during the exact same period last 2020. The Apple Watch Series 6 titanium models are no longer available ever since the company underestimated demand.

The "others' ' category, which also counts curtain firms like Oppo, Xiaomi, and Fitbit, shipped a massive collective 5.1 million units to take a huge 28.2% market share which was up from the previous 26.8% last 2020. Overall, the smartwatch sector is reportedly booming after a lull back in 2020 which was blamed in large part on the pandemic.

Upcoming Apple Watch Series 7

Shipments are reportedly growing at their fastest rate ever since 2018 which experienced a significant 47% jump on the year to hit 18.1 million units. This was according to Strategy Analytics. It was noted that 50 million of Apple Watch owners reportedly come from the United States.

That particular figure compares  positively to estimates that were provided by Counterpoint Research which reportedly noted that Apple Watch was able to surpass the massive 100 million user threshold for the very first time during the second quarter. Apple is currently due to release a new next-generation Apple Watch Series 7 alongside the brand new Apple iPhone hardware this fall.

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