Apple Watch Series 6 Titanium models are out of stock nationwide.

The titanium cases are part of the latest Apple Watch edition, and fans of the product who are planning to purchase their own titanium watch may not be able to for a while, and Apple has not said when a new batch will be rolled out.

The watch is unavailable for pick-up and delivery in several Apple retail stores in the United States.

Apple Watch Titanium Models are Unavailable

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch Series 6 titanium models are unavailable in the United States.

The watch, which starts at $799, is speculated to be discontinued since the Apple Watch Series 7 is just two months away from being rolled out. Apple also has not released an official statement about the shortage of the Apple Watch Series 6.

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Gurman shared his theory on the case. He believes that Apple had run out of titanium models. Given the lackluster response to the debut of the Apple Watch Series 6, the tech company may have only produced a small amount as they did not expect them to sell well at all.

Gurman added that Apple may have stopped manufacturing the titanium models months ago and are now running out of supply.

All that fans can do now is wait and see if Apple will choose to keep the titanium models for the Apple Watch Series 7 or go for a more expensive material like gold and ceramic.

Apple Watch Series 7 Details

Since the Apple Watch Series 7 is just a couple of weeks away, fans are curious about its features and overall look.

According to iMore, the upcoming Watch Series 7 will have a smaller processor to make room for a better and longer battery life.

Apple leaker Jon Prosser added that the Watch Series 7 will have a squared-off design based on leaked information, which is different from the usually curved sides of Apple Watches.

Gurman reported that the new Apple Watch would have thinner bezels. The display will also be closer to the screen.

As for the colors, the tech giant debuted new Watch colors in 2020, and it might release a new range of colors this year too. Prosser stated that a green-colored watch might make its debut.

Features, Release Date, and Price

According to Tom's Guide, the new Apple Watch Series 7 could have support for ultra-wideband capabilities with features like measuring your blood sugar levels, unlocking hotel rooms, and unlocking doors.

This is an upgrade from the Apple Watch Series 6 feature of measuring blood color and oxygen conent.

Gurman also added that Apple is planning to add a new processor and better wireless connectivity.

As for its release date, Apple is known to go for fall release dates. The rumors for the Apple Watch Series 7 point to a release in August or September.

The tech company released its new models in September 2020, but this was due to the delays in releasing the iPhone 12.

For the price, Apple Watch Series 6 was sold for $399. The Apple Watch Series 7 is predicted to cost a bit more due to its better features.

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