Nintendo might have released the Game Boy Advance way back in 2001, but it still has its legions of fans due to being one of the most iconic handheld gaming systems of all time. And now, it's due to get its first new game in 13 years.

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Rosie Lawson, 14, from Watford, plays Game Boy Advance by Nintendo at The Toy & Game 2001 Event in central London. The event featured the official Top Ten Toys & Games for Christmas 2001. * .... as chosen by the UK Toy & Game Council and saw Nintendo's Game Boy Advance beat Lego's Harry Potter to the number one spot.

The game, titled "Goodboy Galaxy," will be the Nintendo handheld's first new game since 2008. It's also actually a Kickstarter project, and a smash hit one at that--it already exceeded its £18,000 ($24,776) goal in less than a day, reports Eurogamer. Right now, the game has already raised £58,000 ($79,836).

Perhaps that's more than enough to say that Nintendo Game Boy Advance lovers are ecstatic about "Goodboy Galaxy." But it doesn't mean it's only going to be on the retro platform. According to its official Kickstarter page, the game will also be released on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

It also already has its first trailer, and it's filled to the brim with so much retro goodness:

"Goodboy Galaxy" is the brainchild of two developers: Jeremy Clarke and Rik Nicol, who first met while employed in a mobile game dev studio in the Netherlands. According to them, their game is an exploration-focused adventure platformer much like "Cave Story." They also described it as a "cuter" version of "Metroid."

According to the game's website, the devs are releasing the game on the Nintendo GBA because they're "celebrating their 20-year-old friend," which they think will be a fun and interesting prospect. True enough, the iconic Nintendo console celebrated its 20th anniversary last March.

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'Goodboy Galaxy' At A Glance

This new Nintendo GBA game does look cute, and the devs aren't fooling around. Its main character is Maxwell, a sort of space dog, who's hunting for a solution to save his home planet from an ecological collapse. But during his journey, Maxwell finds himself stranded in a hostile galaxy which he must traverse in order to achieve his goal.

Aside from the very adorable retro art style (punctuated by the 240x160 resolution, "Goodboy Galaxy" is packing some interesting features. Players could explore levels full of interesting things to do (all while offering multiple completion routes), meet 50 characters whose "friendship cards" can be collected, and explore an entire galaxy by jumping between worlds on Maxwell's ship, among others.

In a market that's saturated with too many self-serious, "next-gen" looking titles, it seems like "Goodboy Galaxy" is going to be a breath of fresh air.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance: Still Kicking After All these Years

When Nintendo launched the Game Boy Advance all those years ago, it was billed as a massive upgrade to the original Game Boy console.

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402558 01: The limited edition Platinum Game Boy Advance is on display in an undated photo. The company is releasing a limited edition, platinum-colored Game Boy Advance June 3, 2002 with a suggested retail price of $79.95 to celebrate the first anniversary of America's Game Boy Nintendo.

For instance, way before the PSP started offering people the chance to watch media on the go, Nintendo already outfitted the GBA with this feature. In fact, the console can even play some live TV with the use of a TV tuner that was sold separately. But this is only one of the many things that the Game Boy Advance did before everyone else. Here is a YouTube video if in case you're interested in learning more:

Safe to say, "Goodboy Galaxy" will be a glorious return to the days of the Nintendo GBA, which helped pave the way for other handheld consoles to do what they do today.

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