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Nintendo Switch Hack Enables Nintendo 64, GameCube, And Game Boy Advance Emulation

A hacker has proven that the Nintendo Switch is capable of running Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance emulators. Will this eventually lead to Nintendo Switch piracy?

Video Games July 8, 2018

You Can Now Play 'Pokemon Fire Red' Through A Virtual Game Boy Within 'Minecraft' Thanks To This Guy

A YouTuber who goes by the name Reqaug has built a fully functional Gameboy Advance within 'Minecraft.' And not only that, as the virtual gaming device is also capable of playing an emulated copy of 'Pokémon Fire Red.'

Video Games July 5, 2016

'EarthBound Beginnings' For Wii U's Virtual Console Is 'Mother' From 25 Years Ago

Nintendo has launched 'EarthBound Beginnings' on the Wii U Virtual Console, a prequel to 'EarthBound' after 25 years of its original Japanese version 'Mother' on Famicom.

Video Games June 15, 2015

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