Xbox is doing what it can to help fight the coronavirus menace, and they're using the power of social media to do it.

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Teaming up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Xbox tries to convince more young people, especially their customers, to get their COVID vaccine as soon as possible, reports Eurogamer.

They made this goal apparent with a Twitter thread where they said, "the power of play makes us heroes in new worlds every day. You can be a hero in real life too by getting vaccinated against COVID-19, protecting yourself [and] the people around you."

They did a COVID Q&A with CDC Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases Dr. Jay Butler in the thread, where Xbox debunked several conspiracy theories against the vaccine. They said that the vaccines don't contain microchips, magnets, or any artificial foreign bodies of any kind; they don't alter DNA or give the recipient COVID, and there's no evidence that they badly impact fertility or pregnancy.

Here is the Xbox Twitter thread if you're interested in checking it out:

Xbox currently has around 16.5 million followers on its Twitter account, which is a considerable number of mostly young people.

This COVID vaccine drive by Xbox is one of many in a game industry that's been severely hampered by the pandemic, reports ScreenRant. But they're not just trying to discredit conspiracy theories and reassure folks that the vaccines are safe. They're also providing vaccination locations for eligible folks (people aged 12 and older).

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Xbox Vs COVID-19

Aside from urging people to get vaccinated, Xbox is also doing its part in honoring the sacrifices of frontline workers during this pandemic.

In a post on the official Xbox website, the company is appealing to gamers in the most "gamer" way possible: ensure that the frontliners can keep the fight going by staying at home and playing games. That way, the gaming community can help lessen the influx of new coronavirus cases and possibly contribute to the end of the entire pandemic as a whole.

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Furthermore, the page also gives people options to donate to various causes. For one, merely playing anything on Xbox will earn gamers reward points via Microsoft Rewards, which they can contribute to several foundations that spearhead the fight against COVID. Among these include the CDC Foundation, the United Nations Foundation, and Global Giving.

There's Still Plenty of Fighting Left

The world is slowly starting to handle the pandemic better than when it first started, but there's still plenty of fighting left to do. Delta is wreaking havoc as we speak, causing hospitalizations and deaths in over 99% of unvaccinated individuals. But there's the underlying hope: you're only at a high risk of dying or getting critically ill if you don't get the vaccine.

Xbox is doing its part to end this pandemic once and for all, and they're encouraging gamers to do their parts as well.

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