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Good news! Apple announced that it would launch a service program to fix faulty iPhone 12 and 12 Pro receivers for free.

The tech giant stated that non-Mini or Max phones made from October 2020 to April 2021 might have connectivity issues.

Apple's Repair Program

According to 9to5Mac, some users who purchased the non-Mini or Max phones at the time complained that no sound comes out of the earpiece when they make or receive calls.

Because of the ongoing complaints, the tech giant decided to fix the issue for free as part of their new repair program.

Apple reported that the sound problem is due to the component in the receiver module that failed.

Only a small percentage of the device may be affected by the sound issue, Apple said. 

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While it can be difficult to tell what Apple meant by a "small percentage" since they did not give out a specific number, it does not appear that the earpiece issue is widespread.

There were a couple of reports about faulty earpieces on Twitter and Reddit. 

While all iPhone 12 phones are still under Apple's one-year warranty, the repair program covers devices two years after purchase. This will give your earpiece an additional year of coverage, according to GSMArena.

How to Avail the Repair Program

Although there are quick fixes guide for iPhone 12 phone, the tech giant has a repair center that you can contact so they can do the fixing for you.

If you need to get your earpiece fixed, you will have to send your phone in. Apple stated that it needs to make sure that your phone is working well before fixing your earpiece.

For example, if you have a cracked phone screen, Apple will have to fix that before carrying out the receiver repair. Although the company won't charge you for fixing the earpiece, you will be charged for the phone screen.

The company added that phones would be examined "prior to any service" to ensure eligibility for the program.

If you want to get your iPhone repaired, you can go to any Apple-certified repairs and service section at the Apple Authorized Service Providers.

All of the technicians at these locations have received training from Apple. They all deliver high-quality service with genuine Apple parts. All of the repairs are Apple certified.

As for older iPhones, hardware services may no longer be available. You can contact your local provider to ask about the available service options.

So how long does an iPhone repair take? A lot of the Apple Authorized Service Providers offer fast repairs, which means you can get your phone back in just hours. Screen repair usually lasts for only an hour or so.

If the technician needs to send your device to the repair center, it may take days before you can get it back. You will be notified via email when it is fixed.

As for the cost, it will be confirmed after a technician examines your phone. If a warranty covers the device, you won't be charged anything.

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