Elon Musk thinks that the additional nodes for Dogecoin and its expansion now are important, so that the meme cryptocurrency can improve its software security, along with its growth.

Musk has lain low on crypto tweets for a while now, but it seems like the billionaire is back to showing its support and opinions about these blockchains.

Dogecoin may be small of value, but it remains a spot in most top 10 cryptocurrency lists in the world, ranking alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and more. It may have been several unexpected months from the coins, but the road to recovery is here for them.

Elon Musk Thinks Dogecoin Nodes are Important

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Dogecoin logo is displayed on a mobile phone screen photographed for illustration photo. Gliwice, Poland on May 6, 2021. Dogecoin, the meme cryptocurrency styled after an internet-famous Shiba Inu that was launched as a joke in 2013, is now worth more than the Ford motor company, BP or Tesco.

A recent Twitter reply by the multi-tech CEO (@elonmusk) would be another thing to see, as it is something that can make or break a cryptocurrency. It was initially known that Musk and Tesla's suspension of Bitcoin has brought down more than half of its valuation, to as low as $29,000.

In Musk's tweet, he replied to a Doge fact sheet about the new nodes which the company has set up, and soon expand. Here he said that it is "important," suggesting that he supports the expansion of Dogecoin that is aiming for the best track for the coins.

Nevertheless, Musk shows himself going back to his roots, as he showed support for Dogecoin as it boomed earlier this year. The connection between Doge and Musk is a massive internet sensation, as most people associate the "Meme King of Tesla" to the "Meme Cryptocurrency" with Doge, the Shiba Inu dog.

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Dogecoin Nodes

According to the "Doge Whisperer" on Twitter, the current administrators behind the Dogecoin cryptocurrency are running 205 computers in total to manage all transactions of the coin.

The meme cryptocurrency only shows that it is still growing, and no amount of doubts or disbelief would bring it down as it shows a massive community that supports the coin's growth. The fact sheet of the latest update heavily borders on the importance of the arrival of new nodes for a better experience to trade the coin.

The administrators would wait for a higher percentage of these new nodes to be installed and used by those who wish to mine, and then they would release a new update.

Dogecoin administrators also say that these nodes can be installed on old laptops and can potentially help in the growth of the cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin Nodes for Expansion

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The new nodes of Dogecoin are focused on two things, and these are improving network security and lowering the transaction fees made whenever the coin is traded.

Dogecoin is still looking forward to its growth and expansion, amidst this time of cryptocurrency where a lot of startups are making themselves known.

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