How Do You Play YouTube on Repeat for Mobile? No Additional Apps or Downloads Method
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) How Do You Play YouTube on Repeat for Mobile? No Additional Apps or Downloads Method

Google actually makes it harder for users to play YouTube videos and playlists on repeat through the mobile browser. Videos are very easy to repeat on the desktop browser since users can easily toggle the loop function, for the mobile browser, however, things are a bit different.

YouTube Videos on Repeat

According to the story by ScreenRant, Google actually hid the features of YouTube behind a hard-to-recognize menu like the ability to loop videos. This auto-repeat feature can be convenient for those either listening to background music or even watching nature videos and ASMR.

YouTube has been full of features ever since its existence back in 2005 with the platform evolving over the years to the modern looking video streamer it is today. The platform has an option for users to loop the video. The problem is that it isn't directly noticeable.

How to Repeat Videos on YouTube

The control for looping the video also depends on whether the user is on their computers or using an app. For those that are viewing on the website instead of a mobile app, the option isn't directly visible. As of the moment, most people have the option of YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify Music when it comes to music.

There is, however, a simple workaround. When on the desktop browser, right-clicking the video would show a contextual menu which reveals a number of options. Located at the top of the list is the word "Loop."

Smartphone YouTube Loop

When the YouTube"Loop" is selected, the video will then play through until the end and simply start from the beginning automatically. Playlists can also be created and users can also set them to repeat to enjoy a more versatile loop.

When on the smartphone, there is an easy to access "Loop" option that users can select in the video settings. The option is located over at the upper right corner of the video. Users will spot three versatile dots on the upper right corner which is the settings option.

Mobile Browser Loop

If the three dots aren't automatically visible, users can click on the video in order to reveal them. Clicking on the dots will open a settings menu where users can simply click on the loop option in order to play the video on repeat. YouTube has just recently extended its COVID-19 misinformation efforts by deleting over a million videos.

When using a mobile bowser, repeating becomes a little more difficult but still possible. Users should first add the video they want to loop and add it to a newly created playlist through clicking the save button, which is only available in the portrait mode.

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How to Loop YouTube on Mobile Browser

A certain option could appear to open the newly created playlist. If it is not available, it can then be found in the user's library. With the playlist open, users can easily click on the loop icon located underneath the video and above the playlist.

It would look just like an arrow that is pointing to the right above a somewhat left-facing arrow. For mulltiple videos added to the playlist, locate the oloop option to the left of the shuffle icon. This could, however, vary in order.

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