Instagram New Feature Looks Like Something TikTok Already Offers | Everything You Need to Know
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Instagram New Feature Looks Like Something TikTok Already Offers | Everything You Need to Know

Instagram is rolling out a new feature which looks like something that TikTok is already offering. The social media platform just announced a new search system which will show suggestions for photos and videos instead of just hashtags, user accounts, and places.

Instagram New Search System

According to 9to5Mac, Instagram has just announced its brand new search system for its mobile app which will show users suggestions for photos and videos instead of the usual user accounts, hashtags, and places. The new feature, which is currently still under implementation, will reportedly make it easier for users to discover new posts regarding what the user is looking for.

The new feature, however, looks like something that TikTok is already offering to its users. The upcoming changes to Instagram's popular search system were reportedly shared on the company's official blog via The Verge. The post describes how search currently works and how the company is planning to improve it.

Instagram Photos or Video Content

As of the moment, when users search for something on Instagram, they will only be able to see a list with other related profiles or hashtags. As of the moment, users will not be able to see any photos or video content displayed. An Instagram NFT platform could also be in the works as the social media giant could potentially plan to dip into blockchain.

What Instagram actually wants is to show photos and videos about what the user is looking for. This would allow users to discover new content which could be quite interesting to them. A new screenshot that demonstrates how Instagram's new search works has already been shared by none other than the company itself. 

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New Feature Similar to TikTok

Instagram notes that they are making search results better for users to explore. An example of this is when users search for "space," Instagram will want to show users space-related photos and videos as well. This would be especially helpful when users do not really have an exact username or hashtag in mind whenever they are searching for a particular topic.

If this already sounds familiar, this is because this is actually exactly how TikTok search works. In the app, users won't really have to search for a certain specific user. Users can also choose to simply skip for a certain subject that they like and then TikTok will show them certain related videos. Instagram is working with creators to help them monetize their work through affiliate programs.

Of course, as TikTok has started to become extremely popular, there is reportedly no surprise that Instagram is now wanting to follow the same path as its top competing social network. As of the moment, however, there is still no word on when the upcoming search tool will be made available for the general Instagram users. The company currently suggests that it will be initially made available for the English search results.

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