Telegram has reached the peak of one billion downloads, and it is a massive achievement for the instant messaging application. The social messaging app is popular because of its tools and the user experience if offers: it can be used for both leisure and corporate setting, for jobs and team management. 

However, that is not what Telegram mostly bordered on, as one of its main focuses is to present a secure way to message and call people, something which made it an alternative to Facebook's WhatsApp.

Telegram 1 Billion Download

Telegram Messaging App
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Telegram now has 1 billion downloads and counting. These statistics were revealed when searching the app's name via SensorTower's platform, where users could search any name of a company or app and have their data growth return to users and know the status. 

As added by TechCrunch, the social messaging application has a global download rate of more than a billion, meaning that a fraction of the world's population already uses it. This is a massive thing for Telegram, being an app that only focuses on social messaging and is independent of those in the Big Tech categories. 

This achievement for Telegram is proof that it remains a popular service among most users, being the top choice for some compared to available instant messaging apps out there. Its other rivals include Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk, Signal Messenger, and more. 

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The dominance of Telegram has also been apparent this year, as more people have valued their privacy and opted for those that would protect them from external harm.

Telegram vs. WhatsApp

Telegram and WhatsApp have always been linked within the app industry, especially when talking about data and privacy. A lot has talked about WhatsApp being the inferior application between the two, as despite having end-to-end encryption on its regular service, it still is unsafe. 

The notion of WhatsApp being the relatively unsafe application is because of Facebook's data stakes on users, as it aims to collect and share data with the social media company for ad-tracking purposes. 

This practice was frowned upon by users and has been denounced by companies like Apple and others. Telegram's popularity has soared because of WhatsApp's data issues, and not to mention its many features that make the app an easy one to use. 

Telegram Safety

Telegram has always boasted of its safety and security features. However, it is worth noting that only Telegram's secret chat has been the one equipped with end-to-end encryption. But that does not mean that the application is not secure.

The application's services are all stored in a cloud, and do not share the data with any application or company, as mentioned by their info displays in the app. 

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