Fiancé Gets Mad at Man for Proposing to Her with NFT Instead of Ring | Man Lost Half of Savings on Dogecoin
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Fiancé Gets Mad at Man for Proposing to Her with NFT Instead of Ring | Man Lost Half of Savings on Dogecoin

It's not that often that special moments are built with blockchain, and although some might attempt to do so, this doesn't always happen.

A certain man tried to propose to his fiance with an NFT instead of a ring, and the reaction he got wasn't exactly the one he expected.

Man Buys NFT Instead of Ring to Propose to Fiance

While NFTs have proven to be huge in value as memes like the "Overly Attached Girlfriend" sold for $411,000, not everyone still believes in the worth of these NFTs and the price it commands.

One particular person that was allegedly not happy about NFTs was a certain girlfriend that was proposed to with a non-fungible token.

A certain Twitter account @CryptoWhale Mr. Whale shared a post of a guy trying to propose to his girlfriend with an NFT instead of the usual ring.

According to the post, his girlfriend got mad with the proposal and as the story unveiled, it seems like this was not the only time the man wasn't able to do so well when it came to blockchain technology.

Man Lost His Half of Their Savings on $DOGE

For the sake of the post, the fiance's name is Jenna. The man was 31 years old while Jenna was 28. Both of them were reportedly together for 4 years and they have already discussed marriage and agreed that they would be interested once they were in the right situation financially.

Jenna was reportedly mad at the man for losing a significant portion of his half of their savings in Dogecoin.

There are others who have also lost to Dogecoin, and the man was only reportedly able to make back half through stock market options.

The man, however, lost some more and Jenna wanted the man to quit.

Man Decided to Spend Almost Entire Life Savings on NFT

Jenna was reportedly the person that wasn't too interested in investing but rather than saving and buying a house, the man wanted to show Jenna that they can multiply their money through investing.

The man reportedly saw an NFT with significance to their lives that the man thought Jenna would love.

He then decided to buy it with almost his entire life savings due to him "knowing" that it was a good one, and that the NFT could actually be worth millions once they get older.

The man got down on a knee and showed her an NFT and Jenna started crying.

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Jenna was Furious About the Man's 'Once in a Lifetime' NFT

Jenna questioned the man how he could do that and the man explained that in ten years with the NFT, they could buy a mansion and that it was a symbol of his love.

Apparently, Jenna saw the man as "selfish and foolish." 

The man reportedly didn't want to sell the NFT due to it being a "once in a lifetime" NFT, but he also didn't want to leave her.

The original reddit post was deleted, but a copy was posted on Twitter by Mr. Whale.


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