Twitter's Super Follow has been released now, and it brings a monthly subscription for users, and as much as charging $9.99 per follower for an influencer on the platform. The payment would have to be made via Twitter's platform, as it would guarantee the entry to a personality's profile on social media.

Last February, an Investor Relations thread of the short word social media has confirmed that it would have the "Super Follow" feature coming to the public, for everyone to enjoy. It would mostly benefit influencers that would earn in the process, as well as put "premium content" in the social media.

Twitter Super Follow Releases Today

Twitter is the first of the regular Big Tech social media companies to feature something like this, Super Follow is a monthly subscription feature that would require users to pay for them to unlock certain content.

Do not worry, Twitter is still free and available for all, and users can still follow whoever they want without a price. However, it is not guaranteed that they would see all the content of tweets as the new feature rolls out.

Think of it as Spotify free and Spotify Premium, minus the ads. Additionally, it gives the content creator or personality control over their content, as not all could be given away to the public for free, unlike before.

This feature also resembles Instagram Stories, where it would have an available for all content, and a tailored "Close Friends" feature.

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Twitter Super Follow Rates

There would not be a fixed charge for Super Follow, as influencers, personalities, or people that apply for this would have the chance to choose between three rates. It goes as follows: $2.99, $4.99, and $9.99. It was not revealed by Twitter if the influencer would keep all of the profits, or have a split like the popular Apple App Store 70-30 share. In Twitter's Ticketed Spaces, the company would take three percent of the profit, while the creator gets 97 percent. Nevertheless, the fee would depend on what the personality wants or charges, and it may change from month to month. Also, the payment would likely be upfront for the subscription.

Twitter Super Follow: How Does it Work?

Super Follow works like the regular follow button, except it is in purple or magenta colors, different from the light blue or blue one. Users can tweet like a regular one but can change the audience which would see it or respond to it.

The Twitter Super Follow would give an "all-access pass" to an influencer's profile, which aims to generate additional profit for the influencer. Twitter's Super Follow account follows all influencers that already have super follow-up and running on their profile.

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