How to Turn on Twitter Safety Mode | Anti-Harassment Feature
(Photo : Image from Twitter Blog) How to Turn on Twitter Safety Mode | Anti-Harassment Feature

Twitter is going to release a "Safety Mode" which is the app's anti-harassment feature to help users protect themselves. The feature hasn't really rolled out publicly and is still only available to limited testers.

Twitter 'Safety Mode' New Feature

The popular social media company announced the "Safety Mode" feature which aims to help prevent users from being overwhelmed by certain harmful tweets as well as unwanted replies and mentions. The new feature could temporarily block accounts from actually interacting with users to whom they have reportedly sent harmful language or even repeated uninvited replies or mentions.

Twitter announced that they want users to enjoy healthy conversations so this particular test is one way that the social media platform will be limiting overwhelming as well as unwelcome interactions that can reportedly interrupt those conversations. It was noted that Twitter's goal is to better protect those individuals on the receiving end of Tweets by particularly reducing the prevalence as well as visibility of harmful remarks.

Twitter Faces Criticism Over Content

Twitter has been facing criticism for years for the frequent spread of certain abusive and hateful content on the popular platform. The impacts of abusive and hateful content can sometimes even extend to the offline world. This content also includes targeting women as well as other marginalized groups. 

A Twitter redesign was previously rumored, sharing photos that the new Twitter redesign could look more like Facebook. The company, however, has decided to revert the new Twitter design bringing things back to a more comfortable Twitter experience.

Anti-Harassment Features

According to the story by CNN, the very last time that Twitter announced another major slate of new anti-harassment features was back in 2017. This was when the company launched tools like the "safe search" function as well as the ability to block other potentially abusive and even "low quality" tweets from appearing in certain conversations.

Just recently, however, the company has been talking more about how they are going to crack down on abusive behavior. In June 2021, Dominic Camozzi, Twitter's privacy designer, posted a thread that detailed a number of early feature concepts that the company was reportedly considering to prevent harassment.

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How to Turn on Twitter 'Safety Mode'

These included the ability for users to be able to un-tag themselves in certain tweets and conversations as well as the ability to stop people from mentioning them for a number of days. With the new Safety Mode tool, whenever a user turns it on in settings, Twitter's official systems will assess the incoming tweets' content as well as the relationship between the tweet author and the replier.

If Twitter's own automated system finds a certain account to have repeated, harmful engagement with the particular user, it will then block the account for seven days from following the user's main account, viewing their tweets, or even sending them direct messages. Tatiana Britt, Twitter spokesperson, noted that the platform does not actually proactively send notifications letting people know that they have been blocked.

Although the "Safety Mode" isn't out for users as of the moment, when it is, users will be able to simply toggle their Privacy and Safety settings and click on "Safety Mode" to turn the feature on. This is, of course, provided that Twitter has a different plan on how this particular setting will roll out.

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