Spotify Blend Allows Users to Share Playlists with Compatibility Comparison | Check It Out
(Photo : Image from Pexels) Spotify Blend Allows Users to Share Playlists with Compatibility Comparison | Check It Out

Spotify has previously debuted its Blend in June 2021 as a part of its beta testing alongside the company's "Only You" feature in order to personalize users' listening experience. The brand new feature is now officially available to all Spotify users around the world with some new nifty improvements.

Spotify Blend 'Taste Match Score'

According to AndroidCentral, Blend has initially allowed two different users to be able to combine their favorite songs together in order to make a shared playlist. The new updated feature reportedly allows users to compare their listing preferences along with their friends through a new "taste match score."

The reported score will show just how compatible the users' musical tastes are with those of their friends as well. In order to create these playlists with a friend, users can simply click on the "Create Blend" option located in the For You segment of the mobile app and simply click on the person that the user would want to invite.

Playlist on Spotify Blend

Friends of the users only need to accept the invitation and Spotify will then only have to take care of the rest just like creating cover art to distinguish every particular Blend playlist they create. The service will reportedly also generate data stories that are unique to both users that are shareable across their social channels.

This new capability is quite similar in comparison to the company's very own Wrapped feature. Blend is also daily updated and it will even gather songs that are based on what users and their friends listen to in an effort to help build a social listening experience on one of the most famous music streaming apps.

Blend Playlist Beta

According to the Spotify Newsroom post, bonding with a friend or even a loved one over their favorite shared music actually creates a relationship like no other. Currently, Spotify's latest personalized experience known as Blend is rolling out of beta towards Spotify Free as well as Premium users all around the world to help sync their tastes even more. This would also put users' compatibility to the test.

The post noted that they launched the Blend Playlist in beta sometime early June 2021 as the platform's new way for two users to be able to merge their own musical tastes into one simple shared playlist made for both of them. This reportedly makes it much easier for users to discover, connect, and also bond over the music that they love together.

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Spotify Sharable Data Stories

As of the moment, the experience also includes new cover art to help easily identify every one of the users' Blend playlists. Spotify reportedly claims that it missed 2 million users due to the company's complicated email procedure and the ongoing pandemic.

Taste match scores are provided to help users see how their listening preferences are compared to their friends. Sharable data stories is another feature that is reportedly unique to every listening pair and users can share this across different social channels.

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