Strava's Beacon feature is a safety feature that the exercise app has added to its features, something which would help in keeping people healthy and safe at the same time. Location sharing has been massive, especially as it can help in locating a person which was lost or experienced an accident while exercising in a certain place. 

The Beacon feature for Strava was available to app users for a long time now, but this new one would be an upgraded version that features better safety and tracking. It is important to let people know where you are, as accidents can always happen, even at the most unexpected moments. 

Strava Beacon: For Health and Safety

Location Tracking via Strava's Beacon
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Strava is only one of the many apps which use a location tracking feature for information and use of loved ones and friends when one is going on a run. Other apps include the Adidas Runtastic app, Google Fit, Samsung HealthApple Health, and more. 

According to Strava's latest support release, the Beacon feature is now available to be used for the mobile app, and it could help in bringing location tracking better for family and friends. The Beacon has several features that can track one's location while doing the exercise and not getting bothered by it. 

Exercising would put users in a "Cloud 9" feeling where they would get lost in translation, and not notice several things around them. It is always advised for people to stay vigilant during their running, hiking, cycling, or other exercise methods, as safety should not be set aside for fitness. 

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Strava Beacon: How to Use

Using Strava's Beacon feature is easy, and it only takes a click of a button to record the exercise's progress at any time. Users can do this when starting their exercise tracker using these apps, and go on their merry way.

However, users should set up Beacon first, and this would help in ensuring that every outdoor exercise is safe and secure. 

  • Select "Record" in the menu of the app
  • Select Beacon icon or the gear icon on the top right corner, and then Beacon
  • Turn Beacon "on"
  • Select "Add Safety Contacts"
  • Select "Send Beacon Text" to send a pre-formatted text, and finish the setup

Pros and Cons of Strava's Beacon

Of course, Strava's Beacon and other exercise app's location tracking has pros and cons. The pros are that it can track the start time, speed, mode of exercise, route, and duration of one's exercise. This would potentially help in letting the authorities know the little details when a bad thing happens.

On the other hand, it also has its cons, and that is the GPS of a place and connection to mobile data, as it could interfere with the app's tracking feature, which is normal for the current technology. 

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