Twitter Tip Jar to Include PayPal, CashApp, and Cryptocurrency Wallet Addresses, Rumor Suggests
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Twitter Tip Jar to Include PayPal, CashApp, and Cryptocurrency Wallet Addresses, Rumor Suggests

A new rumor is circulating on Twitter regarding the social media's upcoming Tip Jar to help followers support content makers on the platform. The rumor suggests that aside from CashApp, PayPall, and other ways like Patreon and Venmo which can be used to pay creators, Twitter will also be supporting bitcoin and ethereum wallet addresses.

Twitter iOS Screenshots for Potential New Feature

According to Blockworks, leaked iOS screenshots showed that bitcoin and ethereum support for Twitter is coming to the platform soon. Reports note that there will soon be a "tip jar" button on users' Twitter profile's page which would allow users to donate to other users that provide meaningful insights.

The initial version of Twitter's tip jar would allow for users to accept through Cash App, PayPal, Patreon, Venmo, as well as BandCap links. This is rumored to be revised in order to allow both bitcoin and ethereum payment. The Twitter Tip jar is supposedly to help users leave tips without even needing to leave the platform.

Twitter Cryptocurrency Tip Jar

Some allegedly leaked screenshots on Twitter show that the platform is now planning to use the "Lightning Network" in order to enable much faster payments with lower fees compared to the traditional bitcoin network. Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is known to be a crypto bull and put 6,000 $BTC into Square's balance sheet.

In August 2021, Dorsey also tweeted out that Square is now working on an open platform in order to create a new decentralized exchange for bitcoin. Decentralized exchanges have reportedly become quite a huge growth area for crypto with the leading DEXs pushing massive billions in volume all while being staffed by a nimble team.

Twitter Product Lead Notes 'Soon'

As of the moment, Twitter has not yet publicly given a comment regarding whether the feature will be released or not. There has also been no comment as of the moment as to whether Twitter intends to roll this feature out to the public. Jack Dorsey, however, noted that leading cryptocurrency is "key" to Twitter's future while noting new crypto features could come in the future.

One positive sign, however, is that Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter product lead, retweeted one of the leaked screenshots along with the caption "soon." This, however, still isn't the official announcement and Twitter users should still wait for an official announcement.

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Cryptocurrency on Twitter Remains Rumor

There was an account that replied to this leak on Twitter noting that the screenshot is fake and was merely manipulated with text added. Although the allegations were also refuted, there is still no way to officially tell if the leak is fake or not unless Twitter themselves announce whether or not the feature will be coming out.

As of the moment, it's hard to tell just how true this particular rumor is and it is important that Twitter users take this with a grain of salt. If this Twitter tip jar cryptocurrency wallet address feature should come to life, users can expect an official announcement by Twitter themselves. As of the moment, however, users should wait for the official announcement if the feature will come to life.

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