Apple hired two-car engineers to join the company. The engineers, which are former employees of Mercedes, are expected to take part in the tech giant's effort to continue to build out its team for the development of the Apple Car.

Apple Welcomes Two Former Mercedes Engineers

The two engineers will focus on mass production of vehicles, dynamics, vehicle steering, and project and software management. They also previously worked at Porsche, doing the same tasks.

The engineers admitted that Apple tapped them to join their company, according to MacRumors. They are currently working on product design and are now a part of the "Special Projects Group."

The Apple Car, previously called Project Titan, is the tech giant's most secretive project. Despite several rumors, the company's goal in joining the auto industry is unclear.

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The two newly hired engineers join a list of former engineers and executives that the company has tapped in from some of the largest car markers in the world.

The tech giant continues to form its workforce and continues to gather people with the skills and talents needed to design and manufacture the Apple Car. However, it has also suffered several setbacks.

Apple lost several top managers from Project Titan in 2020, derailing their timeline for the car.

Kevin Lynch, known for his work on Apple Watch, is currently the leading Project Titan.

While Apple has invested in its in-house talent, it will also need third parties to help its plans push through.

Apple is said to be discussing options with several suppliers, including its most significant supplier, Foxconn.

The tech giant is also in talks with several carmakers for potential partnerships. However, the talks and discussions have not ended in any formal deal yet. It was also reported that Apple might not have any deals with Kia and Hyundai as they denied discussions with the tech giant.

Foxconn is known as the mass producer of the iPhone. It is tapped to take part in the supply chain of Apple Car, which is said to be released in 2025.

Apple is also preparing to manufacture the batteries in the United States, as the company wants an all-American setting for its vehicle.

One of Apple's most recent hires previously held responsibilities in the mass production release schedule of Mercedes vehicles, which means the tech giant can benefit from that too.

Testing Site in Arizona

Despite the rumors that Apple is focusing on the development of Appel Car, an automotive testing site located in Arizona used by the tech giant to test out its vehicle has been purchased by a firm that has leased the area for years.

The site is 5,458 acres and is located near Phoenix, Arizona. Chrysler previously used the area as a proving ground.

According to Apple Insider, Route 14 Investment Partners LLC, a company based in Delaware, purchased the site for $125 million.

According to AZ Big Media, the company is managed by the law office of Greenberg Traurig. The true owner's name is not revealed, but it is believed that it is connected to Apple.

In November 2017, Route 14 leased the site in 2015. The company was registered in Delaware under the Corporation Trust Company in 2015.

On Sep. 3, MacRumors reported that it had seen a copy of the existing development agreement. The news site confirmed that the purchase date of the area was on June 25.

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