PS5 Restock
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Best Buy fans have been disappointed with the retailer's PS5 restock over the past three weeks. 

The consoles have been absent in the store as other shops have already dropped stocks last month.

To be exact, Best Buy's last PS5 restock happened in the last 23 days. This was the time when the retailer's PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Disc were on sale for $399 and $499 respectively.

There's a chance that Best Buy could release the next wave ahead of the upcoming Labor Day sales. However, if it is still a no-show in the following days, here are the possible retailers that could unveil PS5 stocks soon.

Best Buy Left People Disappointed About PS5 Restock

PS5 Restock in Best Buy is No-Show For 23 Days: Where to Go Next?
(Photo : Charles Sims from Unsplash )
Best Buy is still showing no signs of PS5 restock so far, so where should you go next to look for one?

According to a report by Matt Swider, the popular console tracker on Twitter, the last time that Best Buy had a PS5 stock was on Aug.12 at 2:35 PM EDT.

Some sources have predicted that Best Buy would drop the PS5 on Friday, Sept.3, but that did not happen.

For many weeks, the fans have been asking when the exact restock date at Best Buy would be. It even got worse when many people kept on receiving wrong information about the retailer's PS5 restock.

For the next potential restock at Best Buy, we are expecting it to happen by next week after the Labor Day weekend.

Reminders For Best Buy Customers

For those who want to buy a PS5 at Best Buy, there are important things that you should know.

In choosing between PS5 Digital and PS5 Disc, select the latter.

Through disc-based games, you can save more money, in addition to extra access to old PS4 games. Also, PS5 disc games are cheaper on the next sale.

Another tip that you should do is to click the yellow add-to-cart button when purchasing the console. After it turns gray, just wait and do NOT refresh the page.

A few moments later, it would revert to yellow and you can now add the PS5 to your cart.

Best Buy is doing this to test if the person is a bot.

One more reminder: you can try this in different browsers and devices but it's not recommended to do it by opening another tab in the same browser.

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Stores to Visit For PS5 Restock

Techradar recently shared a list of the selected stores besides Best Buy that could release PS5 stocks in the next few days.


Last month, we saw the major PS5 restock happen in GameStop on Aug. 17, 11: 00 AM EDT. On the other hand, it also held a small restock on Aug. 25.

As of Sept.3, the restocks in this shop have shown a glimmer of hope to the fans. It is expected to drop the consoles on Tuesday, Sept.7 at 11 AM EDT.


Aug. 27 is the last time that we have witnessed PS5 restocks in this shop. There are two methods that you should follow if you want to spot the next stock here.

First, there is a pattern in Target. Usually, the restock dates occur on Friday. There's a three to a four-week gap between the dates (Aug. 27, July 9, and July 30).

The restock time frequently happens from 7 AM to 8 AM EDT. The most recommended time to spot restocks is at 7:40 AM EDT. However, the last time, it happened at 8:15 AM EDT.

The second method is to visit stores in Michigan or Nebraska in the morning. The downside is these stores could run out of stock quickly.


In Walmart, you should only remember two restock times: 9 PM EDT and 12 PM EDT. It always offers consoles on Thursday.


On Sept.1, Amazon unveiled stocks for PS5 Digital. For the restock times, it usually happens between 10 to 11 AM EDT. You can also check restocks after 3 AM EDT.

You can also check other retailers such as Sony, Costco, Sam's Club, Antonline, and Newegg.

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