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Amazon announced a new round of Digital Edition PS5 restock that is rumored to be dropped within this week. Amazon users are required to add the console to a list before seeing all of the buying options.

Users are asked to check both editions on the site frequently as Amazon may drop more units soon.

PS5 Restock This Week

PS5 Restocks are expected to drop this week since it is the first week of September.

Most major retailers drop stocks on Thursdays. The two sites that are worth keeping an eye on for PS5 consoles are Amazon and GameStop. Both have hinted that there will be another PS5 restock on the way.

GameStop posted on Twitter that aside from the PS5 console, it may also do an Xbox Series X drop this week. If you want to secure a spot, it is highly suggested to sign up for GameStop's PowerUp reward tier.

One of the benefits of the reward program is that it allows you to have early access to the new consoles when it drops.

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Not only will you be notified, but you also won't have to be in the queue, unlike those that did not sign up for the program.

Meanwhile, Best Buy is way overdue for a PS5 restock. The retailer has not dropped anything for three weeks now, so it is possible that it will join Amazon and GameStop this week in dropping PS5 restocks.

You can check on Best Buy's websites from 2:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time because that is when the consoles normally appear, according to NewsWeek.

Walmart is another retail store that you can check. Even though it sticks to a Thursday PS5 restock schedule, there is usually a gap of a week between drops. This means that it may release PS5 consoles either on Sep. 8 or Sep. 9.

It is important to remember that major retailers are very unpredictable and prone to long droughts where it does not drop any PS5 stock at all, so it is best to sign up for their newsletters and check their respective online sites every now and then.

Last Restock Recorded

Amazon's last PS5 restock was during Prime Day and a day after the event, on July 21. The stock sold out almost immediately, according to GamesRadar.

Users can check links for random drops. A PS5 console on the site costs $499, while the Digital Edition costs $399.

Walmart's last recorded PS5 restock was on Aug. 25. The retailer is known to drop stocks on Thursdays, so you can check the site on this day of the week, according to TechRadar.

Walmart is also known to update its stocks twice or thrice in a day and resupplies them on the same day. You can also sign up for Walmart Plus so you can get fast delivery, discounts, and updates regarding the console. You can enjoy a 15-day free trial.

Just like Walmart, GameStop's last recorded PS5 restock was on Aug. 25. Unlike Amazon, GameStop updates its stocks almost every week, but they get sold out fast.

The retailer drops stocks on Wednesdays or Thursdays, and bundles are also available. It will cost you $499 for the PS5 console and $399 for the Digital Version.

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