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PS5 restock rumors online suggest that there will be a drop of stocks this Labor Day weekend. But that might not be possible.

PS5 Restock False Alarm

According to PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider restocks rarely take place on weekends, and there was never a drop of stocks from a major retailer that happened on a Sunday.

Swider sends its followers alerts when there is another PS5 restock as long as you turn on your notifications. So far, all of his tweets about restock dates have been accurate.

According to CNET, it has been 24 days since there's been a PS5 restock at Best Buy. Other US retailers like Amazon, GameStop, Target, and Walmart had dropped the console last week, but they sold out immediately.

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GameStop is said to be gearing up for another batch of PS5 stocks that will be dropped next week. The retailer sells the PS5 for $499 and the Digital Edition for $399.

Best Buy PS5 Restock News

Swider stated that the last Best Buy PS5 restock date was Aug. 12. Before that date, the retailer had the console in stock almost weekly, so they are trying to amass PS5 consoles before releasing another batch.

TechRadar predicts that the retailer may drop stocks on Sept. 3, but there is no confirmation from any sources.

Some sites are even predicting that the retailer will restock the console on Sept. 5, which is a Sunday, but once again, there are no sources to back up this claim.

PS5 trackers on Twitter check on the online page of retailers 24/7 and tweet out when the console is available. It gives people a fighting chance to purchase it before bots mass purchase the console so they can sell it for twice as much money.

Sony PlayStation Direct Restock News

The retailer with the most frequent stock drop is Sony's official store, PlayStation Direct. The drops usually happen at 2 PM Pacific Time or 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, and it drops either on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Sony sends a few lucky members email invites for exclusive access to the store. In order to get the invite, you will need to have a registered PlayStation Direct or PSN account.

You can sign up for one on the PSN website free of charge. While signing up, accept the marketing emails from Sony.

From there, you need to be patient because priority access emails are sent to members randomly. You will also need to take part in one of the queues on the site so that you'll be considered.

PlayStation Direct PS5 restock works a bit differently than other retailers. You will see a countdown clock on the welcome page that indicates when the queue will begin.

You can stay on the site's page. When the time is up, it will start placing people in line to purchase the console. The page will update and will notify you about the wait time.

To help your chances of getting a console, you can share the link with your other devices while you are in the queue.

Make sure that it has a different IP address. It can improve your chances of getting in because your other devices may be placed in a different queue that moves at a faster pace.

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