WhatsApp iOS would soon redesign its chat bubbles into a more "rounded" look, something which the company has avoided for the past years since it acquired Facebook. Now, WABetaInfo has revealed that it would soon come for the instant messaging application, bringing a fresh look for the application. 

The instant messaging application has been setting up its service to bring several features for its applications, even on iPads and Androids. These are several of the actions being made by the company to regain the public's trust, particularly because it has certain anomalies with regard to privacy and data

WhatsApp iOS Chat Bubble Redesign

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It was unprecedented that WhatsApp would be active in bringing new features for the application, particularly because its main problem consists of losing the trust of the public concerning data. However, it has been making moves on bringing several services, which are also seen among other messaging apps. 

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp iOS would bring new changes that can be seen with the application, and one of them is the chat bubble's redesign. The traditional WhatsApp look of a rectangular one would change into a rounded feature, something which has been used by many messaging applications present. 

The chat bubble would be more rounded, and the green default color it has would have a darker shade to the conversations. The change that would soon come in future updates has no explanations as to why it would be replaced, especially as people have been accustomed to the old design of WhatsApp. 

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WhatsApp Chat Bubble and Reactions

WhatsApp View Once Feature
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The move by WhatsApp was unknown, and according to 9 to 5 Mac, it joins several features from the company, including that of the awaited "Reactions" function. WABetaInfo is a known and trusted leaker or insider when it comes to everything WhatsApp, and this would have a high chance of coming to the public's applications soon. 

Earlier today, WhatsApp's Reactions feature was revealed by WABetaInfo as well and reported by Tech Times. This would bring something from Instagram's page, particularly via Direct Messages, where it has been one of the latest features. 

Instagram's Direct Messages only got its reactions to feature in 2020, but it has rolled out to several users before that as part of the beta or trial stages. 

WhatsApp Looking like Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp would take a page from its sibling application's features, and one of the most iconic apps that use a rounded chat bubble is Facebook's Messenger. And yes, it would be that round, and leaving behind the rectangular one, for no reason from the company. 

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