Tesla Audio Codec
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Tesla Audio Codec
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Tesla's Audio Codec is the reason why its speaker system has one of the best outputs in the world, despite being unbranded and having no affiliations with popular companies. Elon Musk said that Tesla Audio was a feat of engineering, and it was something that the company has done well for the vehicle.

The electric vehicle manufacturer has always been massive on features, and one of the most popular technology from its engineers and researchers is the integration of a Full-Self Driving feature. However, that is not all for Tesla and cars, as other small details such as color, speaker system, infotainment, and even the car's design.

Tesla Audio Codec for Unbranded Speaker System

Tesla has unbranded speakers fitted on its cars, but despite that, the company has superb sounds whenever playing any song, music, games, or other media on its infotainment system. The reason for that? Jeff Tutorials has attributed it to Tesla's Audio Codec which has been made by the clean energy company from the ground up.

The influencer has said that Tesla Engineering has developed this for their vehicles, and it is some of the few details which the company has focused on. Audio is both a big and small feature in a vehicle, as it is the only form of media that a driver can use while driving around all day and get entertained.

  For some vehicles, they partner up with popular speaker companies like JBL, Bose, Harman Kardon, and more to deliver the best audio experience. Some companies study the proper sound setup to bring the most optimal audio delivery.

However, for Tesla, it went on to deliver their codec which it develops via their "over-the-air" updates.

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Tesla Audio One of the Bests in the World

Many people say that Tesla cars' audio system is unmatched by any car companies or specific vehicles in the world. However, there are still a lot of objections and opinions from other users, particularly because they do not use the best hardware or speakers partnered with said companies.

However, its CEO is an engineer, and Musk is known to create things and deliver them based on their supposed feature. He attributed that Tesla's "audio engineering is great," and that was the main reason for its quality sound that people can experience and hear, both inside and out.

Elon Musk Tesla

Musk has been a prominent speaker for Tesla, and this shows that he knows his brand and company well. After all, he is one of its founders. Moreover, the company was not meant to be a luxurious brand, despite delivering premium items and experience.

The billionaire only wants the car to be the "best experience" for all, and something as little as audio compared to the FSD had the same treatment for development. This shows the dedication and sophisticated take on the vehicle.

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