Amazon's Jeff Bezos is Linked with Scientists Looking for 'Fountain of Youth' Technology
(Photo : Image from Amazon's Jeff Bezos is Linked with Scientists Looking for 'Fountain of Youth' Technology

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has just recently been linked to a group of scientists. The scientists are reportedly trying to find a certain technology roadmap to the "Fountain of Youth."

Jeff Bezos Invests in Anti-Aging Technology

An MIT Technology Review report featured Altos Labs, a certain company that is reportedly focusing on anti-aging research. The report noted that a number of people that were briefed by the company noted that its investors include Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

The former Amazon CEO, who is currently estimated to be worth over $200 billion in net worth, has reportedly had a longstanding interest when it came to researching aging. The MIT Technology Review noted that in his final letter to Amazon shareholders, Jeff Bezos quoted musing about life and death which was published by the biologist Richard Dawkins in a book called "The Blind Watchmaker."

Life and Death, Jeff Bezos

According to The Western Journal, he wrote that starving off death is something that "you have to work at." More generally, it was noted that if living things did not work actively to be able to prevent it, they would then just eventually merge into their surroundings and ultimately cease to exist as autonomous human beings.

Altos Labs will reportedly include on its staff the researcher known as Shinya Yamanaka, who shared a Nobel Prize in 212 for his work when it came to reprogramming. Yamanaka noted that although there are a lot of hurdles to overcome, there is still huge potential. The question as of the moment when it comes to defeating aging is drawing a lot of attention and money.

Researchers on the Potential of Rejuvenating

A researcher at Harvard University, David Sinclair, according to the MIT Technology Review gave a statement saying there are hundreds of millions of dollars that are now being raised by investors in order to put into reprogramming. The investment is specifically aimed at rejuvenating certain parts or all of the parts of a human body. Diet can directly affect the immune system which is why as of recently, health apps are used in order to assist users to make healthy choices.

A researcher in genetic engineering, Manuel Serrano, who will reportedly leave a position at the Institution for Research in Biomedicine, located in Barcelona Spain, in order to work for Altos Labs noted that the profits are not really the short-term goal. Serano noted that the Altos Labs philosophy is to do curiosity-driven research.

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Altos Labs Research on Rejuvenation

This is reportedly what he wants to know how to do and what he loves to do. It was noted that in this case, through a private company, they finally have the freedom to be bold and explore. It was noted that in that way, Serrano said that "it will rejuvenate me."

He noted that the aim is to be able to understand rejuvenation. It was also noted that the whole idea of having revenue in the future is still there, but it is not the company's or the researchers' immediate goal. There are also healthy morning routines that can be done in order to push towards a healthy lifestyle.

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