How to Find Crypto Pumps Movement Online | Twitter Alert
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) How to Find Crypto Pumps Movement Online | Twitter Alert

Finding crypto pump alerts online is quite hard as most of the time, the pump is seen once it is already over. With the vast contents of the internet, there is a Twitter tool that might help those curious to learn more about the crypto market and where whales are moving.

$COMB/$USDT on Kucoin

The account is on Twitter called and can be followed to get updates whenever pumps happen in the crypto space. As of recently, on Twitter signaled that COMB/USDT was just pumped on Kucoin. According to the tweet, the currency reportedly increased by a whopping 21.50%, with a volume increase of +35.21!

Another Twitter account CoinCallers tweeted out before the $COMB breakout. It is important, however, to do research before joining pumps. Although some pumps happen due to fundamental reasons like $SOL with a massive community betting on how Solano can contribute greatly to blockchain, not all coins follow these fundamentals.

$SOL Bullish

With thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, it is hard to spot potential cryptocurrencies like $SOL which reportedly jumped over 300% in the last 30 days. For those that purchase the coin at just the right time, however, the potential for profits are quite high.

This particular incident reportedly happened with Dogecoin bringing early buyers massive profits. As of the moment, however, Dogecoin might not be as bull performing as it was before even reaching $0.01. There are still, however, certain altcoins out there that might bring in profits.

DYOR Before Investing or Trading

Just like any investment, it is important to DYOR or do your own research before hopping in. With NFT games like "Axie Infinity" becoming extremely popular, it is important for players to first assess the risk and do research before trying out any game. With more and more NFT games becoming recognizable, it is important for players to research before stepping in.

Also, although NFT games do bring in profit for some, they still function as games which is why for those thinking of these games as investments, it is important to do research before stepping in. With games like "Crypto Blades" and "CryptoZoon" becoming harder for gamers to profit from, it is important for gamers to know when to enter, when to exit, and when to take profit.

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Other Ways to Earn with Cryptocurrency

When it comes to trading in general, using the right indicators is also very important. Not all indicators, however, might be effective. Another way that people earn from crypto is by picking out the right cryptocurrency and holding it until it becomes significantly profitable.

Yet another way people can earn from cryptocurrency is through staking and providing liquidity in yield farms. Although not all farms are good investments, most of them actually give good returns. It is important to do your own research before entering any particular type of investment, be it cryptocurrency or other potential investments.

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