Top Underrated NFT Games for Better ROI | 'Town Star,' 'Axie Infinity,' 'Splinterlands' and More
(Photo : Screenshot From Lost Relics Website) Top Underrated NFT Games for Better ROI | 'Town Star,' 'Axie Infinity,' 'Splinterlands' and More

With the massively popular games like "Axie Infinity" taking the spotlight, other NFT games that are still quite good in performance are somehow hidden in the shadows.

Check out the other NFT games that could give players a faster and better ROI.

Top NFT Games Online

It is important to note that ROI is not guaranteed, and it still depends on both the NFT game as well as how the player plays.

A common misconception of some players is that they expect a return of investment right away, which is something that should not be expected of NFT games.

Gamers that play NFT games are usually paid in specific NFT coins, and the profitability of the game is also quite related to the economy of the NFT coins as well.

When investing in NFT games, it is important to treat them as games instead of actual, hard, long-term investments.

Here are Six Top Underrated NFT Games:

1. 'League of Kingdoms'

This NFT game is a bit like "Clash of Clans" where players can build their kingdoms, upgrade them, and battle opposing kingdoms. This is a good semi-casual NFT game for players that do not want to spend too much time actively playing.

2. 'Lost Relics'

This action-adventure RPG NFT game is more immersive than others as players are able to go through an actual storyline, develop their characters, and battle enemies.

Like other RPG games, players can embark on quests and earn rewards.

3. 'Splinterlands'

This online card game lets players collect and battle out their cards, collect rarer and more powerful cards, and battle it out to earn rewards. The rarer the cards players collect, the higher price they can demand for these cards.

4. 'Zed Run'

This digital horse race NFT game lets players bet on the potential winning horse. The good thing about this game is the chances of winning horses still depend on the horses' breed, their DNA, and of course their performance.

5. 'Nine Chronicles'

This RPG NFT game offers players multiple options to earn. Players can battle, or even mine, in order to earn more with their characters within the game.

This NFT game has other unique features where players can craft weapons, trade weapons, buy, sell, and more.

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Online NFT Games

For gamers that want to try out NFT games wherein they might be able to earn money, these are a few options that can be tried in order to earn while playing.

Depending on how high the initial capital is needed, this would affect how fast players will be able to earn their initial investment.

When it comes to earning within NFT games, it is also important that players win. Some NFT games make it hard for players to earn back their investment due to lower win rates.

It is important to do the math as well before playing and investing.

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