Game developer and publisher FunPlus, together with its KingsGroup studio, are proud to announce the wildly successful first two years of its mobile strategy hit State of Survival.

The free-to-play strategy game, available on iOS and Android devices, has also crossed 100 million downloads as it makes the global craze available in Japan, which is known as the world's third-largest gaming market according to Newzoo.

"We're incredibly proud of State of Survival's ongoing success. Reaching the 100 million downloads milestone cements the game at the top of both the zombie survival and strategy genres," says FunPlus Chief Business Officer Chris Petrovic. "As we bring the game to a major new market in Japan and continue to create engaging content, in-game events and partnerships for players to enjoy, we're excited to see the game continue on this upward trajectory."

State of Survival
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The Walking Dead Meets State of Survival

The hit game kicked off 2021 strong with the introduction of Daryl Dixon, one of the main characters from the AMC hit zombie series The Walking Dead. Daryl became one of the playable heroes in State of Survival, voiced by none other than Norman Reedus himself, who also portrayed the character in The Walking Dead. Furthermore, FunPlus assures its global fanbase that there is still a lot to look out for the year comes to a close. The latest challenge for the game's second anniversary tasks its players to join their fellow survivors in building a massive airship that can safely soar above the endless Infected hordes.

To give the survivors additional odds of making it through alive, especially with the new airship challenge, Becca, a long-time fan-favorite NPC, rejoins the game as a legendary playable hero. With her active skill "Raid," Becca can use her grappling gun to leap, kick, and stun all nearby enemies. Additionally, she has two passive skills: "Incindiary Bullets" give her a chance to use modified, area of effect explore rounds, while her "Killer Instinct" allows Becca to deal more damage to Elite enemies.

Of course, all players who log in during this anniversary season will receive 200 Supply Cases. Additionally, players will also have a chance to unlock Daryl Dixon as their hero through an in-game promo.

About FunPlus

Established in 2010, FunPlus has grown to be a world-class, leading independent game developer and publisher current headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in China, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Russia, and the United States. As a company the fosters the best creative and most diverse talent in the world - with a workforce of 1,700 people - the company has developed and published games that have ranked in the top spot for the mobile gaming market across 70 different nations, including Guns of Glory, Kings of Avalon, and State of Survival.

FunPlus studios also currently include studios KingSgroup, Puzala, Seven Games, and Imagendary Studios, each with a specific focus on creating unique genres of innovative and engaging games for the global market. The FunPlus brand powers FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), one of the world's largest and most successful esports organizations.

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