How to Get $10 Off Your Next Xbox Series X Restock on Microsoft Store | Buy Hacks
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) How to Get $10 Off Your Next Xbox Series X Restock on Microsoft Store | Buy Hacks

For those that are planning to purchase the next Xbox Series X restock when it comes out, the good news is that a certain restock tracker dropped a hack that buyers can use in order to get a $10 off of their next Xbox Series X or other Xbox products.

Xbox Series X Restock Online

For those that have been struggling to buy the Xbox Series X restock or the PS5 restock ever since its launch, following restock trackers are notably one way to help improve buyers' chances of purchasing the consoles. Although it is not a full guarantee, it is still reportedly helpful especially since it provides updates.

Restock trackers often provide updates real-time letting buyers know when new stock is available online. Buyers can then move as fast as they can and place an order for the Xbox Series X or other items being tracked to increase their chances against scalpers and other buyers as well.

Xbox Series X Restock Tracker Twitter Account

One really smart technique that a popular Xbox Series X restock tracker Twitter account, which is also known to be a successful PS5 restock tracker Twitter account, Wario64 on Twitter, is to buy a gift card digital code from Newegg.

As of the moment, Newegg is selling $100 Xbox Gift Card Digital Code that are sold at the online retailer for $90. This means when buyers purchase the digital code from Newegg for $90, they will have a full $100 worth of money to spend with the Xbox Gift Card Digital Code.

$10 Discount Hack

This, however, is a limited-time offer. For buyers, it is important to check the deal out on Newegg and use the code 93XRX96. It was reportedly noted that it also works on Microsoft Store for all of its physical products as well.

For buyers to get a $10 discount, they need to purchase a $90 gift card digital code that would give them $100 worth of credits. As of the moment, it is still unknown as to how many Xbox Gift Card Digital Codes can be purchased.

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Potential Uses of Discount

Based on an article posted on Tom's Guide, the official SRP for the Xbox Series X is at $499. This means that if buyers purchase five total Xbox Gift Digital Codes at $90 each in order to get a full $500, they would have only spent $450 in total. 

This, of course, is in theory, and it still depends if the gift card digital codes can be used together to make a single purchase. Of course, it is important first to clarify if they can be used together before purchasing since the worst-case scenario would be only one gift card could be used per purchase. Still, with the $10 off just by purchasing the digital code credits, buyers will be able to save on the already quite pricey console.

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