Facebook has a program for VIPs called "XCheck" or "cross check," something which was reported earlier today by the Wall Street Journal. The report claims that Facebook has exemptions for politicians, celebrities, and other popular personalities with regards to following the rules or guidelines of social media, which people are compelled to follow. 

The big blue social media has recently given people several options to remain anonymous in groups while posting, and it has made way to send in unlabelled reviews or tips online. 

However, it seems like that is not the only thing that has the power to get away with certain things, as the new report is coming down on Facebook, hard. 

Facebook XCheck: VIP Treatment and Exemptions

Facebook XCheck VIP Program Exemption
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As reported by The Wall Street Journal, some reports pointed out to "XCheck" or the so-called "cross check" program gives a free pass to known personalities or powerful individuals from its rules. Yes, these VIPs consisting of celebrities, politicians, influencers, and more have been exempted by the strict Rules or Community Guidelines by social media. 

Initially, Facebook has attested that they enforce the same law on every person on the internet, despite having a legitimate account status or is managed by the personality themselves. 

One great example of this would be the ban of Donald Trump (now a 2-year suspension), after his stint as the President of the United States. 

However, while the company banned one of the most popular people in the country, other VIPs or personalities get away with what they do, post, or say online. WSJ reports that this has been evident for a long-time now and goes against what CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has previously claimed with regards to its rules and regulations.

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What is Cross Check or XCheck?

Facebook XCheck VIP Program Exemption
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Facebook logo is pictured on a laptop screen in Moscow on August 26, 2021. - Russia has fined Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for failing to store the data of Russian users on local servers, the country's internet watchdog said on August 26, as authorities clamp down on foreign internet companies.

Cross Check or "XCheck" is a special exemptions program on the social media platform of Facebook, one where a certain person would not be subject to its rules and content. No one would find this, even if they search for it via the social media's features or other places, but WSJ claims that this is legitimate from Facebook. 

Is There Really an XCheck?

Facebook has initially confirmed the existence of cross check, and what it does is that it receives the complaint, report, or violation of a VIP account, and there, a Facebook employee would check. 

WSJ claims that there have been no significant reviews or apprehensions made by the "cross check" team and that no one has been punished despite the violations made by that said "VIP."

Cross check changes the way people view Facebook, especially as it gives a "special treatment" to certain people or personalities, despite claiming against this. 

Nevertheless, Facebook is now under close watch for this, giving the public something new to think about against the company and its many controversies now. 

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