NASA Artemis Moon mission is getting ready for its soon spaceflight, but before that, it needs to test its spacesuit's fabric, as it needs to be safe and protective. The space agency is using ballistic air guns and mock space rocks against certain fabrics to ensure they would survive and keep the astronauts safe on the lunar surface. 

SpaceX has initially offered their services to create the spacesuits for NASA's upcoming Artemis mission, as it would take them less than the initial budget to be able to create one for the agency. 

NASA's SLS would soon bring the astronauts back to the moon after several years, and it would soon create history if it is ready by 2024.

NASA Artemis' Spacesuits Tests via Ballistic Air Guns

NASA Moon Mission 2024 Planned Date Now Being Evaluated? Rumors Claim Spacesuit and Other Challenges Could Delay It
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NASA's Artemis Moon mission is set for 2024, and preparations for all of the things needed are already underway, and one of the most important things to consider is what the astronauts would soon wear. According to NASA, spacesuits are of utmost importance to the mission, as they would protect the astronauts from dangers of the lunar surface. 

The space agency is currently manufacturing the spacesuits and has been on the verge of selecting its fabric that would be robust and durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions up there. 

NASA said that it had brought the fabrics to Glenn Research Center's Ballistics Impact Lab, where it would receive a treatment that resembles the Moon's conditions and other factors. The national space agency notes that the Moon has no air, and has a lot of micrometeorites that fly around and hit the person at incredible speeds of up to 22,000 miles per hour. 

That being said, it would be very dangerous for astronauts to venture to the Moon without the proper equipment and suits, as it could be life and death despite facing only rocks that fly rapidly. 

Glenn's ballistic air guns are 40-foot long and can fire objects at around 3,000 feet per second, making it a famous site to test the integrity of items for a mission. 

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NASA: Spacesuits for the Moon

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NASA astronauts

Spacesuits for the moon have been tricky to manufacture, especially as budget is a massive concern, and its delivery date was initially said to not reach the target deadline by 2024. NASA's Office of Inspector General's recent report has said that the team developing the spacesuits is nearly exhausting its funds. 

For now, NASA sticks with their chosen manufacturer and team for the spacesuits and is not opting for the help of external companies, including the likes of SpaceX. The space agency's spacesuits would improve drastically compared to that of the Apollo, which used the old-fashioned technology. 

Why Does the Moon Need Special Suits?

The Moon is a place that has no air, is dusty, and has a lot of rocks that could damage ships and other objects, not to mention spacesuits of astronauts. The harsh conditions of the satellite do not make it ideal to live on and remain only a partner to the Earth. 

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