Virtual care apps are popping up left and right these days, and this one seems to have a lot of people believing in it. 

Virtual care for expecting moms
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The virtual care app in question is called Babyscripts, which is a mobile app that aims to help provide prenatal and postpartum healthcare.

According to, the company has now raised another $12 million in new funds courtesy of the MemorialCare Innovation Fund, in a series B round. 

Babyscripts, which is based in Washington DC, aims to connect expectant mothers directly to their doctors.

Their virtual care app uses technology and remote monitoring, which they're hoping would implement a new, modern model for both prenatal and postpartum healthcare. 

With the $12 million they recently raised in the first round of a so-called Series B investment, Babyscripts could now potentially speed up the roll out of their virtual care tool platform for eligible providers, writes TechCrunch

So far, Babyscripts has now raised a total of $26 million. They have come a long way from their more modest beginnings in 2019, when the company only had a single product. 

At the time, they were working with healthcare providers and hospitals on the distribution of a mobile app and a medical device that will help monitor the blood pressure of expecting mothers, as well as providing critical neonatal care information. 

Babyscripts And Its Promising Potential

MemorialCare Innovation Fund's Caleb Winder, who serves as managing director there, believes that virtual care technology could offer a significant boost in terms of how the world handles maternal health, especially during this pandemic. 

With Babyscripts, Winder says, one can expect an improvement in access to healthcare for patients.

Furthermore, it could also mean potential cost reductions to health systems and insurance plans, because it connects payers, providers, and patients via its virtual platform. 

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Virtual Care: A Necessity In Modern Times 

The world is still in the throes of the now ninth deadliest pandemic in history, according to Vox, and it has forced everybody to adopt new technologies in terms of healthcare.

Virtual care services and mobile apps are among these. 

In a pandemic when everybody can't safely be within 6 feet of each other, adequate access to services from a distance is key. This is doubly true for expectant mothers, who are among the most vulnerable individuals to potentially fatal infections. 

As such, virtual care and the larger health tech sector has experienced a renaissance, raising an estimated $21.6 billion in funding last year alone.

What's Next for Babyscripts? 

With their new round of funding, the virtual care company hopes to use it to gain market share.

According to Babyscripts co-founder and president Juan Pablo Segura, they aim to use all of the data they collected and every partnership they made to usher in the "next generation of obstetrics." 

Their plans include automating and streamlining the care delivery process, all by providing appropriate and direct solutions to patients strictly based on their data, all without having to ask for administrative input. And if there's something you need to know about healthcare, it's that every single second counts. 

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