EPOS has recently revealed its newest gaming headset for gamers. The improved hybrid wearable, H3 headset, now allows the users to use both Bluetooth and wired connections at the same time.

The tech company, which specializes in bringing high-quality products for gaming and enterprise, has expanded the line-up for its dual Bluetooth audio feature.

EPOS Launches H3 Hybrid For Gaming Enthusiasts

EPOS H3 'Hybrid' Gaming Headset Can Use Both Bluetooth, Wired Connection: 37-Hour Battery Life, Software, and MORE
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EPOS released its latest H3 Hybrid headset for gaming. Click here to read more about its specs and price.

According to Pocket Lint's recent report, EPOS adds a new gaming headset to the H3 family. The "Hybrid" wearable is not a typical headset that sticks to only one connection support.

Through the latest upgrade for the user's gaming experience, you can now utilize this headset through a wired connection.

On the other hand, you can also use its Bluetooth connection by linking it to your smart device.

For people who want to listen to songs while playing, like in the case of a Discord app, this EPOS H3 gaming headset can hit two birds with one stone.

Another feature that you should see for this hybrid EPOS wearable is its removable microphone. Before, the audio device could not be removed by the user.

EPOS' take on this removable mic reveals an amazing discovery. If the user does not want to use it, he/she can entirely remove it from the wearable technology.

People want more comfort and EPOS seems to have already addressed this solution with a detachable H3 mic.

Since this is an audio solution for gamers, it is expected that its battery life can surpass their expectations. EPOS H3 gaming headset can reportedly last for 37 hours when using Bluetooth connectivity.

If you are only fond of using its headphone jack, the Hybrid H3's battery life can stay for up to 24 hours. 

Meanwhile, if you make use of both wired and wireless options, you are opted to utilize the EPOS wearable for 19 hours.

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EPOS H3 Hybrid Gaming Headset Specs

iMore reported on Tuesday, Sept. 14 the key specifications of the newest EPOS headset. Here are them:

  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox S/X, Xbox One, and MAC

  • 20-20,000 Hz headphone frequency

  • 100-7,500 Hz mic frequency

  • Bi-directional mic pickup pattern 

  • Enables dual connectivity

  • Has removable mic

  • Supports EPOS Gaming Suite software

  • 6.6 ft USB Cable and 4.9 ft Console Cable

  • Battery life: 37 hrs (Bluetooth), 24 hrs (3.5mm jack), and 19 hrs (Both)

  • 0.66 lbs

  • Comes in Ghost White and Onyx black color options

  • 1.5-hour charging time

  • Two-year warranty

For those who want to buy an EPOS H3 Hybrid headset, you can visit its official website. It's currently on sale at $179.

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