Xiaomi Live Event Compares 'Xiaomi 11 T Pro' Charging Capabilities to Apple and Samsung Introducing the 120W HyperCharge
(Photo : Image from Xiaomi Live Event) Xiaomi Live Event Compares 'Xiaomi 11 T Pro' Charging Capabilities to Apple and Samsung Introducing the 120W HyperCharge

The official Xiaomi product launch this September 15, 2021 brought an exciting array of different Xiaomi goodies.

The company launched multiple products like the long awaited Xiaomi 11 T Pro. The company compared its 120W HyperCharge with those of Apple and Samsung.

Xiaomi Live Event

Xiaomi has notably been competing not just in the smartphone market but in the technology market in general as the Chinese company covers a wide array of products.

Unlike most of its competitors, Xiaomi has branched out into multiple products aside from just smartphones.

With the recent Apple event introducing the iPhone 13, it seems quite the timing that Xiaomi would announce an array of new products as well.

Xiaomi announced its success as the top 2 smartphone brand in the world while being the top 1 smartphone brand in Europe.

Xiaomi 120W HyperCharge

Xiaomi straight up compared its 120W Xiaomi HyperCharge with the charging and capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro and Galaxy S21+ 5G.

One of the highlights of the Xiaomi 11 T Pro is Xiaomi's promotion of its 120W HyperCharge.

Amidst the many questions regarding safety, Xiaomi went straight ahead and announced that they have followed 34 safety features for the 120W HyperCharge. Aside from more safety features, the smartphone maker announced its installation of 9 temperature sensors for its models.

The sensors would be strategically spread around the smartphone, monitoring the temperature of the phone when it gets too hot.

Due to the extremely powerful 120W HyperCharge, Xiaomi has taken extra measures to make sure it is able to provide a safe and secure charging method.

120W HyperCharge Capabilities

Another highlighted feature for the Xiaomi 120W HyperCharge is the fact that it can charge in -10° C. The Xiaomi 11 T also reportedly comes with a massive 5000 mAh battery. The phone is expected to charge in a really fast amount of time.

The Xiaomi 120W HyperCharge is reportedly capable of charging the Xiaomi Mi 11 5000 mAh in just 17 minutes. This was compared to the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G.

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Xiaomi 11 T Pro 120W HyperCharge vs iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

When it comes to the iPhone 12 Pro, the device needs 105 minutes to get to 100% with a 20W charger and 2815mAh. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G, the device needs 71 minutes to get to 100% with a 25W charging and a 4800mAh battery life.

The good thing about the 120W HyperCharge is that Xiaomi announced that it will be included in-box! This means that users won't have to purchase the Xiaomi 120W HyperCharge separately.

Xiaomi also announced that in just 10 minutes of charging, users will get 11hrs of calling, 7hrs of video playback, 5hrs of navigation, and even 2hrs of 1080p video recording.

This means that despite users only being able to charge their phones for 10 minutes, they will still be able to use their device longer than some other devices out there in the market.

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