Apple iPad Mini Drops Headphone Jack | A15 Bionic, 5G, USB-C, and More
(Photo : Image from Apple Website) Apple iPad Mini Drops Headphone Jack | A15 Bionic, 5G, USB-C, and More

The Apple iPad mini is dropping a key feature that has always been an integral part of most Apple devices: the headphone jack!

For those that were focusing way too much on the Apple iPhone 13, the real star of the new Apple "California Streaming" event was actually the iPad mini.

Apple iPad Mini Specs

According to the story by Mashable, the smallest iPad was just able to receive its initial major redesign ever, as well as got a look and specs that would basically make the device an Apple iPad mini Pro.

It reportedly has Apple's fast mobile processor, a 8.3-inch display, the A15 Bionic, upgraded cameras, 5G, and the device's new faster USB-C port and not Apple's older Lightning port.

Apple, however, did previously remove one feature that its predecessor, the 5th gen Apple iPad mini had--the headphone jack.

The brand new iPad mini will come out with only two connectors, namely, the USB-C port located on the bottom, and the magnetic connector located on the side.

No More Headphones Jack

For some users, this might not actually be a dealbreaker. After all, the current Apple iPad Pro devices also do not have a headphones jack. The iPad Air or the iPhone also don't have jacks as well.

A number of users have reportedly made peace along with Apple's decision to get rid of headphone jack, and have decided to go ahead and buy a pair of wireless headphones.

Finally, users can get a USB-C to the 3.5mm jack dongle and use it in order to connect the wired headphones to the iPad mini.

Other exciting news is that the Apple iPhone 13 will be debuting with 1TB of storage

iPad Mini 3.5mm Connector

The previous iPad minis, however, already did have the 3.5mm connector and the same goes for the new, freshly announced iPad.

The connector also does not really make sense, according to Mashable, on a tablet. This is more likely to be used to watch some longer video content than users probably would on an iPhone.

It was also mentioned that the fact that it is certainly not that small actually kept Apple from adding a certain headphone jack to the iPad mini.

The iPad mini is considered small but it actually is not and is a decent-sized gadget.

Meanwhile, during the recent Apple event, it was announced that the iPhone 13 mmWave 5G models will only be available to those in the US.

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iPad Mini Option

Mashable noted that the new iPad mini is actually such a long-awaited upgrade that they are definitely getting despite the lack of headphone jack.

This could be something that buyers should still consider, especially if they are still hooked on wired headphones.

For those that might have wired headphones of their own which they prefer using, it could be a better decision to purchase the new iPad or iPad mini 5.

Check the iPad mini out on the official Apple website.

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