Doccla is a health tech startup that focuses on a new patient monitoring system that would promote "Virtual Wards," and it would soon get an upgrade thanks to the new funding worth $3.3 million they received. The focus of this could both be applied to the hospital or home setup, something which can be used during the health crisis today. 

Hospitals are having massive problems during this health crisis, where people are either getting rejected because of full capacity or lack of medicine. In several states, particularly in NYC, mobile morgues are being set up to accommodate the capacity of the morgues in the area, all full of victims from this health crisis. 

Doccla Receives $3.3 Million in Funding

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Tech Crunch reports that the startup company that focused on health tech and patient monitoring systems in the digital world, Doccla, has recently received a massive boost to improve its platform and expand its service. Healthcare is a massive deal in today's era, especially as it is an essential need during this time, as the pandemic has struck the entire world with the coronavirus. 

The funding is meant to upgrade the current systems that Doccla has distributed over its partner hospitals and those that have it available on their tech and service. It serves as a way to monitor different vitals and information about a patient, especially now that the health crisis has fully backed up the medical workers and front liners to a heavy load. 

Potentially, the company's patient monitoring system would help integrate health care into technology more than it is now. The health crisis has made it hard for a lot of people to cope up, and it includes both medical workers and patients who are all suffering now. 

The initiative is to alleviate the need for intensive monitoring in a hospital ward, as nurses are also backed up with overwhelming cases they need to attend to. 

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Doccla Virtual Ward

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Doccla has regarded themselves as the "virtual ward" company which offers their service mostly into health care and technology. The company aims to be of help to this pandemic, and in the future of healthcare and hospitals to have a better monitoring system that may be of help to both the medical worker and the patient. 

How Does This Work?

The startup tech company also offers their services for both the hospital and home setting and can potentially send the medical worker the information which they need for a patient's current status. Moreover, it helps in alerting the medical worker for any emergencies or needs of a patient through the application. 

The virtual ward would potentially help in alleviating the load forward routines or checkups for patients, but not necessarily remove it. 

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