ATMO decided to relaunch its popular Atmocube, which was first unveiled back in 2015. This gadget's recent version was a small, portable air quality monitor that can check the air ventilation quality in various offices. 

ATMO's New Atmocube Ensures Office Have Great Ventilation! Identifying Possible COVID-19 Transfer Risk in Closed Areas
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Because of its reliable database, the tech developer was able to receive a number of awards. Atmocube is currently essential since COVID-19 is still ravaging many countries across the globe. 

Most companies and businesses are forced to allow their employees to work remotely just to avoid getting infected, especially since the daily cases in the United States and other parts of the world are continuously increasing because of new variants, such as Lambda and Delta. 

However, there are some firms that are now deciding to bring back their employees to officed-based scenarios. This is one it is important to ensure that the building you are working on has great ventilation quality. The new ATMO Atmocube version would allow companies to do just that. 

ATMO's New Atmocube Model 

According to TechCrunch's latest report, the new Atmocube is quite different from its early model. The latest version is more prominent and visible to allow employees to feel safer when they are working in their offices. 

ATMO's New Atmocube Ensures Office Have Great Ventilation! Identifying Possible COVID-19 Transfer Risk in Closed Areas
(Photo : Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Maryland Cleaning and Abatement Services employee Conner Reed preforms a preventative fogging and damp wipe treatment at an office building on March 21, 2020 in Hunt Valley, Maryland. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked more proactive measures at businesses to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

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On the other hand, it also relies on up to 14 sensors to measure the environmental parameters. Meanwhile, ATMO claims that its new Atmocube could identify the transmission risk of COVID-19 in a closed area. Users can see the virus transfer risk by checking the so-called "score" on Atmocube's screen. 

"As businesses return to the office, they need a tool to make information about indoor air quality transparent and accessible to their employees," said Vera Kozyr, ATMO's co-founder. 

Aside from the new Atmocube, various tech developers are also making their own efforts to enhance their consumers' wellness. These include Fitbit, which received a new feature that could detect your snoring's strength. On the other hand, various AI startups are now focusing on mental health.  

Atmocube's Other Capabilities

ATMO's official website confirmed that the new Atmocube offers real-time environmental measurements. This means that if the air quality of a closed space suddenly changes, consumers will be informed about it as soon as possible. 

Here are other features it offers: 

  • Can measure 14 indoor environmental parameters 
  • Offers RF scanning
  • Can detect the room's environmental comfort quality

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