Tesla's autonomous driving feature may not be as safe as people think it is, especially when the new head of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has said it needs to upgrade its basic features. The FSD and Autopilot are known to be released to a selected number of people and have been running on streets for a while now. 

The Autopilot is a long-time feature of the clean energy company, having the ability to hold a speed, accelerate, or stop a car when needed to. On the other hand, the Full Self-Driving is known to be the feature that needs zero human integration as it can steer and stop itself, based on the charted course and traffic condition. 

NTSB Head Tesla FSD Needs Basic Safety Features Upgrade

Tesla FSD
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According to an interview by the Wall Street Journal to the new NTSB Head Jennifer Homendy, Tesla's automated driving feature is not as safe as people think. The head said that basic safety features need addressing from the company, especially as several accidents have been recorded in the past that have led to the deaths of individuals. 

It is known that the FSD is only at the limited beta release, and it is not yet available for all people to enjoy and use during this time. The reason for Tesla is that it aims to perfect its services and features, especially when people would use it as their trusted feature in the future. 

Homendy's interview said that people "misuse" and "abuse" the FSD of Tesla, and it was regarded to the labels and marketing of the clean energy company for its feature of autonomous driving. 

The new head also went as far as saying that the FSD is a "misleading" and "irresponsible" feature to be put into vehicles by Tesla. 

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Tesla FSD: Not As Safe As People Think?

FSD Beta
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Tesla's FSD is indeed at the beta stage for a good reason, and it is because it is not yet ready or 100 percent safe as Elon Musk suggested the feature would be. However, it is quite noting that the company is on the verge of improving it, alongside its Neural Network that would anticipate upcoming obstacles and read the traffic condition. 

The point of the NTSB head is that the Autopilot should be looked into by the company, especially as it remains a feature that has had multiple disputes with the accidents that led to tragic events. The basic safety features were said to be lacking or are not present in the feature, something which fans agree against. 

Should You Use the FSD?

For now, not everyone has the FSD, and to those who have it, people have been documenting a good use of the platform as they showcase an intervention-less ride on camera. 

These might be select cases, but users should always remain alert and careful when using these features as they may never know about accidents, as they remain unpredictable and random. 

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